Opt-in global Mastodon full text search. Join the index!

Full text search on Mastodon

Imagine searching any post on Mastodon. This is now possible - at least for the posts of users who opt in.

Tootfinder indexes all public posts of consenting users and makes them searchable for 3 months. If you want to be part of it, join the index.

Search syntax

The search is case-insensitive. You can append * to the end of a word. You can use NEAR, OR and the prefix -.

More about search

If the crawler does not find an exact result, it looks for similar results. Click on the avatar to access the user, click on the date to access the post on Mastoton. Click on the image to access the original image.

Privacy note

This is pure opt-in: If you are not interested, just do not join the index. If you quit the index, your posts will be removed from the index after 3 months.

Privacy statement


Tootfinder uses the public Mastodon API for the profile and the JSON feed. The feeds are consulted on an optimized frequency, indexed in a SQLite database and deleted after 3 months.

Check out the Tootfinder Wiki


v2.2 2023-09-10

2648 users, 172872 posts, 2306251 queries

Index 38134 minutes behind