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2024-02-20 11:21:00

Erstmals seit 2021: Alle Bitcoin wieder über eine Billion US-Dollar wert
Die Kursrallye des Bitcoin geht weiter. Inzwischen ist die Kryptowährung insgesamt wieder durchgehend mehr als eine Billion US-Dollar wert.
2024-04-20 16:42:03

2021 retro-link! - Tips on adding JSON output to your command line utility.
2024-02-20 16:54:35

With all this talk of how to find nodes in the DOM (other than using IDs or when those nodes have no ID), I am still a fan of XPath via dev tools:
For example, getting all nodes…
2024-02-19 06:56:53

It's been three years since I sat in mission control at JPL and watched the Perseverance rover land on Mars, then came home for a quick nap before returning to work the first surface operations shift.
As a reminder, here's the animation:
2024-01-20 11:14:48

Zum Stand der #Digitalisierung in DE
Wir haben im August 2023 mit eigenen Augen gesehen, wie das im Sommer 2021 (jaha, 2021) bis *ans* Haus gelegte Telekom-Glasfaserkabel (aka überhaupt erstmalig irgendein „Internet“) *ins* Haus gelegt wurde
Seitdem ruht die See still, Telekom sagt „Die Strasse hat gar kein Internet“
Gebäudeverwaltung kann seit Wochen nichts herausfind…

Telekomverteilerkasten mit Aufschrift „Ich stehe hier für schnelles Internet“
2024-02-19 16:40:30

Q. “I am blind, and I have been since 2021. I have grown very accustomed to using NVDA on Windows, which is a free open source screen reader. It's great… my question is, does Linux have good support for screen reading software?”
A. “As someone that deals with this on a daily basis: The short answer is 'no' … The best advice I can give you is to not bother investing too much in Linux and keep with Windows, or move to macOS.”
2024-02-18 06:22:51

Partage de clé secrète de Shamir
2024-04-18 16:46:01

Africans and the creation of the modern world
"Europe would have been a marginal player in world history without Africa's natural resources and centuries of cheap African labor."
Interview in 2021 with Howard French for his book "Born in Blackness"
2024-02-15 19:06:46

Since I just used the #DWebYVR hashtag, a reminder to #CoSocialCa members and anyone else in #Vancouver that we're doing afternoon coworking 2 - 5pm and evening tech social tonight, Thurs, Feb 15th, 5pm - …
2024-02-15 19:04:55

Just had an intro call with some of the team behind Besonda, a non profit society working on cohousing and co-op models in BC #DWebYVR