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2024-03-19 00:09:21

A New You Tomorrow - Limited series ⭐☄️❤️
Dramatized musical sci-fi comedy | Total listening time: 1h 29m
A college drop-out, troubled by bad dreams, seeks answers at his aunt’s space-rock store in the Mojave desert. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something?
#AudioFiction #FictionPodcast
2024-03-15 07:56:55

While the EU is forcing all social networks equally to become federated, protect user's data, delete misinformation, and stop monopolistic or gatekeeping behavior, the US is banning foreign social networks under the pretense of “national security”.
With members of congress enacting this ban only acting in their own financial interests, as they own the stock of the competing American big tech companies [
2024-03-20 07:35:22

Semialgebraic Range Stabbing, Ray Shooting, and Intersection Counting in the Plane
Timothy M. Chan, Pingan Cheng, Da Wei Zheng
2024-03-07 07:04:01

General Staff: Russia has lost 421,430 troops in Ukraine:
2024-03-14 01:20:43

ProTIp: You know that Synology you have sitting in a neglected corner that you haven't logged into the admin interface of since 2022? Go log in and take the updates. Synology people have been doing some work on their stuff.
2024-02-19 07:26:01

Advancements and challenges in plasmon-exciton quantum emitters based on colloidal quantum dots
Adam Olejniczak, Yury Rakovich, Victor Krivenkov <…
2024-02-20 07:10:32

Stylized Facts of High-Frequency Bitcoin Time Series
Yaoyue Tang, Karina Arias-Calluari, Michael S. Harr\'e, Fernando Alonso-Marroquin
2024-02-13 01:55:57

Sources: Founders Fund bought $100M in bitcoin and $100M in ether from late summer to early fall 2023; it sold its crypto portfolio in 2022 for $1.8B in returns (Reuters)
2024-02-15 18:26:42

Mamdani: "[...] you've also described yourself as a 'Law & Order' Mayor."
Adams: "I like to believe that *chuckles*"
[describes how Adams was legally required to build 20 miles of bus lanes in 2022 but did not, and 30 miles of bus lanes in 2023, but also did not.]
Mamdani: "How can you call yourself a law & order mayor when new yorkers can't trust you to follow the law?"
2024-04-07 16:17:30

Has anyone managed to successfully titrate whelming?
Everyone talks about being over- or underwhelmed but nobody ever gets the whelm level just right so everyone's happy.