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2024-04-16 09:49:12

Perhaps the most interesting article I've read on Europe's efforts to decarbonise road transport, the controversy over electrification, the proposed alternatives, Chinese manufacturing and a way forward for Europe.
(article in French, screenshots translated with DeepL)


To decarbonise the transport sector to the level required by European commitments and climate requirements, the electrification of the vehicle fleet is not the only answer. Other means will obviously contribute, which may prove less complex to implement, socially less painful and just as useful in environmental terms. Whichever scenario is chosen, these will have to be implemented: further developing the quantity and quality of public transport (rail, high-frequency express coache…
Technological/energy options other than the pure electrification of vehicles could also contribute to the decarbonisation of mobility. These include alternative fuels such as biogas, agrofuels and carbon-free hydrogen. However, at this stage, they are clearly less efficient in both energy and environmental terms. Nor are they generally economically viable without significant and ongoing government support to develop or maintain their use. What's more, the volumes available for these alternative…
2024-05-16 08:53:58

Der Weg zum Arbeitsplatz wird von etwas giraffigem versperrt. Wieder Mal Zeit für Akrobatik. :blobcatupsidedown2:
Träumt schön...

Ein Zimmer. Vor einem Tisch mit Bank liegt ein Hundebett. Darin liegt ein großer Hund mit seinem Hals über der Kante, so dass der Hals länger aussieht, als er ist. Auf dem Boden davor liegt noch ein Hund.
2024-04-12 15:00:05

"France issues new rules for agrivoltaics"
#France #Agrivoltaics
2024-05-16 18:22:59

The second part of voyages around #Szczecin: Szczecin Zdroje (= springs, as in the source of water).
We're going to find two highlights around there: Park Leśny Zdroje (= Springs Forest Park), and Puszcza Bukowa (= Beechwood), with Bukowe Zdroje (= Beech Springs) reserve. I'm going to focus on the first one today. As for Puszcza Bukowa, I'm going to say only that it's a huge forest with lots of hills, and it's kinda like going to the mountains. You can spend hours there.
As for Park Leśny Zdroje, it's got interesting landscape too. I've photographed its four most important highlights (in my opinion) for your viewing pleasure:
1. Jezioro Szmaragdowe (= Emerald Lake), named after its characteristic water color. There's a walking path across its southern and eastern shore, as well as on top of the surrounding hills. However, there's also a lot of mosquitoes there.
2. "Oko na Szczecin" (= Eye on Szczecin) overview. Unfortunately, it's been overgrown badly with surrounding shrubs. Hard not to think that "the world has moved on".
3. A #tunnel of old mine railroad. It's in a middle of a slightly overgrown path in the middle of a gully. No rails remain, though.
4. Czanowskie Wzgórze (= Chan Hill?). A nice overlook over a cliff. This one's not overgrown at all; also has no protective railings, and the ground is declining towards the cliff. Just saying, as an acrophobic person.
2024-05-14 05:58:44

Die Sonne ist schon ganz schön kräftig. 😎
Hier in den #Büroaussichten, kommt gut durch den Tag. Das schöne Wetter soll ja nicht ganz andauern.

Blick über die bewachsene Dachterrasse auf den Bantiger im Morgenlicht. Die Sonne ist mittig einen Daumen über dem Horizont und strahlt frontal vom stahlblauen Himmel.
Die schneebedeckten Berner Alpen sind am Horizont von der frühen Morgensonne beleuchtet. Der Himmel ist azurblau und hat ein paar wenige, weisse Schleier. Von links ragt der Ausleger eines Baukrans in wenig ins Bild. Die Dächer Ostermundigens sind im Vordergrund.
2024-04-03 12:52:02

Eine eigene Uhrzeit für den Mond: NASA soll "koordinierte Mondzeit" ausarbeiten
Die USA wollen zurück zum Mond und eine dauerhafte Präsenz errichten. Dafür braucht es eine eigene Uhrzeit und die NASA soll jetzt einen Vorschlag ausarbeiten.
2024-05-14 13:04:38

Acerbic wit, @…! I love it.
How Fox "News" Mimics Russian Propaganda Tactics…
2024-04-12 15:00:05

"France issues new rules for agrivoltaics"
#France #Agrivoltaics
2024-06-15 12:00:05

"Azerbaijan accused of media crackdown before hosting Cop29"
#Azerbaijan #COP29 #Climate #ClimateChange
2024-05-14 13:04:38

Acerbic wit, @…! I love it.
How Fox "News" Mimics Russian Propaganda Tactics…