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2024-04-17 16:24:00

Chatkontrolle: Verschlüsselte Messenger-Dienste sollen prioritär gescannt werden
Die belgische Ratsspitze will durchgängig verschlüsselten und anonymen Online-Services ein hohes Risiko zuschreiben, was Aufdeckungsanordnungen zur Folge hätte.
2024-02-17 23:07:45

🔊 #NowPlaying on KEXP's #VarietyMix
The Brian Jonestown Massacre:
🎵 Anenome
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2024-04-17 14:03:02

🇬🇧 AGI = Anonymous Guy from India 😂
🇵🇱 AGI = Anonimowy Gość z Indii 😂
2024-01-18 11:50:29

"That 180º flip in the world’s understanding of cryptocurrency’s #privacy properties, and the epic game of cat-and-mouse that followed, is the larger saga that unfolds in the book Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of #Cryptocurrency, out this week in paperback."
2024-02-18 02:16:22

It’s been so long since I’ve been in #Indonesia
I think it depends a lot on the job and the people who run the company, and how long you think you’ll be staying. Be sure you clarify what kind of taxes you’ll be on the hook for, especially if you’re a US citizen (Uncle Sam wants his tax dollars no matter where you work).
If you want to move there long-term, be aware that some propertie…

Anonymous message: “Thoughts on moving to Indonesia and joining a startup/company there?”
2024-03-14 19:01:10

Tor: Anonymisierungsdienst bringt Webtunnel gegen Zensur | heise online
2024-04-18 12:37:47

oh, neat!
#CISA has opened up signups to their malware analysis service to any #cybersecurity folks that want to view results (any member of the public could anonymously submit samples before)
2024-02-12 21:01:00

Digitaler Euro: BSI rät für anonymes Bezahlen zu verschiedenen Wallets
Das BSI hat eine Technische Richtlinie für digitales Zentralbankgeld veröffentlicht, in der sie Hinweise für "Security by Design" für "digitales Bargeld" gibt.