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2023-09-27 07:48:15

全米脚本家ギルドとスタジオで交わすMBA(Minimum Basic Agreement)の覚書が公開されてますね。
- AI生成物をもって脚本家に代わることはできないし、脚本家の権利の全部または一部を侵害することもできない。
- 脚本家はスタジオの同意のもとでAIを利用できるが、スタジオはAIの利用を強制できない
- スタジオが脚本家に渡す資料がAIの寄与したものである場合は明示しなければならない
- ギルドは引き続き、トレーニングのために脚本家の素材を利用することを禁じよと主張できる。
2023-09-28 23:10:33
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🤔❗️Оккупанты call for security measures in Mariupol because rockets are flying
🤔❗️Оккупанты призывают принять меры безопасности в Мариуполе, потому что летят ракеты
Мариуполь сейчас 🇺🇦
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2023-11-26 19:17:46

Really enjoying how building things with Kitten just feels so elegant…
Here, there’s a model class (that manages all aspects of Kitten’s version information) and you can use the `Component` getter to get a Kitten component you can add to your page to display the version information.
For a separate view, you can call the `printToConsole()` method to have it output the same information to the console.
Not revolutionary or rocket science but still, pretty neat ;)

Screenshot of code editor showing detail of src/lib/Version.js with the following code highlighted:

  get Component () {
    return this.html.bind(this)

Full code listing show follows:

    return ( > lastDay[this.month]) ? zodiac[this.month + 1] : zodiac[this.month]

  get Component () {
    return this.html.bind(this)

    HTML component to display version information.
  html () {
    const gitHashAsCSSHexColourString = `#${this.gitHash}`
    return globalThis…
Screenshot of code listing for /web/💕/settings🔒/ with the following line highlighted in a kitten.html block:

<${kitten.version.Component} />

Full code listing shown follows:

  return kitten.html`
    <page htmx alpinejs water>

      <h1>Small Web Settings</h1>

      <section id='info'>
          ## 👋🤓 Hello!

          Here you will find technical details about your Small Web place (such as your cryptographic identity) as well as configuration o…
Screenshot of page resulting from the code shown.

Relevant are follows:

🐱 Kitten

    2023/11/26 at 19:04:31 UTC (Sagittarius)
Favourite colour
    #9d7c07 (with little colour swatch showing the colour equivalent of the git hash)
API version
    Node.js 20.7.0

Full copy follows:

Small Web Settings
👋🤓 Hello!

Here you will find technical details about your Small Web place (such as your cryptographic identity) as well as configurat…
2023-09-29 14:03:18

🚀 #sdfCAD v0.3.0 makes rotate_stretch() much more powerful 💪
Along the sweep, one can now (all with a customizable easing function):
- thicken=... along the way
- shear=... along the rotation axis
- fling=... away/towards the rotation axis
Furthermore, easings can now be .mirror()ed at arbitrary x/y lines.

sdfCAD Jupyter screenshot. A ring-like 3D model with an outside notch visible


capsule(30*X, 50*X, 10).rotate_stretch(
    shear=40*ease.smoothstep.symmetric,           # highest along rotation axis mid-way
    thicken=10*ease.smoothstep.symmetric,         # thicker in the middle of the rotation
    fling=10*ease.smoothstep.symmetric.zoom(-5),  # an outwards spike in the mid-way
sdfCAD Jupyter screenshot, a spiral-staircaise-like model (without stairs) visible, doing nearly a full turn while rising, getting thinner and closer to the center.


capsule(30*X, 50*X, 10).rotate_stretch(
    shear=40*ease.smoothstep,  # move smoothly along rotation axis while rotating
    thicken=-6*ease.smoothstep,    # gradually get thinner along the way
    fling=-20*ease.smoothstep, # gradually move closer to rotation axis
2023-09-27 22:39:13
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Air Force clarifies that Shahed is flying towards Mykolaiv region

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Повітряні сили уточнюють, що Шахед летить в бік Миколаївщини

Надіслати новину @niko9_bot
2023-11-29 01:45:27

Discovery of a relation between the decay rate of the Sun’s magnetic dipole and the growth rate of the following sunspot cycle - a new precursor for #SolarCycle prediction: -> Solar activity likely to peak next year, new study suggests: - it matches many others predicting a below average peak some time next year (most say about fall); see e.g. and for regularly updated forecasts.
2023-11-29 00:10:58
2023-11-29 00:10:57
2023-09-27 23:16:25
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More UAVs are flying from the sea in our direction. 120 kilometers

Could turn the other way

Nadislati novina @our_odessabot
С моря в нашем направлении летят еще БПЛА. 120 км

Могут развернуться в другую сторону

Надіслати новину @our_odessabot
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2023-09-27 23:16:25
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Rashists have just launched UAVs and missiles at Mykolaiv

We are following the situation there with our colleagues 👉🏻

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Рашисти просто зараз запустили БПЛА та ракети по Миколаєву

За ситуацією там стежим
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