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2024-03-22 13:19:31

In diesem Jahr gibt es die Flying Roasters seit zehn Jahren. Uli hat uns heute die Rösterei in der Hochstraße gezeigt.
2024-02-23 20:48:08

Think #bots on steroids...
OpenAI’s Altman Listed as Major #Reddit Shareholder in IPO Filing - Bloomberg
2024-02-23 22:11:51

Flimsy Antiabortion Studies Cited in Case to Ban Mifepristone Are Retracted | Scientific American
2024-02-22 12:43:14

Hey WaPo, here is how you cover the news instead of regurgitating police reports.
It takes maybe 3 minutes of research.

Police say dead pedestrian crossed "outside of crosswalk." There are no crosswalks at the intersection; the nearest crosswalks are 0.3 miles to the south & 0.5 miles to the north.
2024-01-24 02:35:46

FTC Orders Maker of TurboTax to Cease "Deceptive" Advertising (ProPublica)
2024-02-23 08:15:02

Aron Flams förlag har gått i konkurs | Arbetet
2024-02-23 14:53:52

‘You shouldn’t be doing that’: Female pro golfer films mansplainer at driving range;
Man offers PGA player Georgia Ball uninvited advice and talks over her explanation of technique

Flimsy Antiabortion Studies Cited in Case to Ban #Mifepristone Are Retracted
Outside experts found that two studies cited in a federal case on #medication #abortion had serious design problems and that their authors had …
2024-03-22 00:07:23

'Lives are falling apart:' Kyiv residents shook by another mass missile attack:
2024-04-23 00:35:46

President Joe Biden to visit Syracuse following $6.1 billion Micron grant news (Emma Misiaszek/WSTM)