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2024-03-12 00:12:20

[[C in Coders at Work]]:
2024-05-07 18:51:33

An [[Agora]] is a prosocial [[schelling point]]
2024-03-03 15:18:38

on [[violetshift]]:
a nice example of an exploratory conversation with an LLM that IMHO shows the potential of them as tutors/curiosity enablers.
2024-03-04 22:06:58

How a Woman Named [[Steve]] Pioneered Tech
2024-03-04 22:06:58

How a Woman Named [[Steve]] Pioneered Tech
2024-03-03 15:30:24

[[content nation]] backlash highlights [[mastodon's toxicity]]:
2024-04-02 22:44:14

The Tech Working Group [[Open House]] is coming up on Saturday 13 April @ 1600-1800 UTC:
Join us if you are interested in what w…
2024-03-01 17:03:18

@… thanks for the meeting!
Do you have a link to the moderation hack?
Wdyt about setting up an XMPP room and then using that, and maybe cross-posting to/from the matrix room later if you agree?
2024-04-29 18:56:22

Is [[Putin]] a cryptofascist or something else? Just a garden variety [[totalitarian]]?
All takes welcome! Please be civil in comments -- I am asking earnestly and I hope we can use the internet to have an honest conversation about facts and opinions with global relevance without violent interactions. If you like Putin, please also feel free to engage and voice your opinions!