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2023-11-10 15:58:50

Following the inaugural CEO Track at #TNC22, the second CEO Track took place at #TNC23 in Tirana and was a great success!
58 attendees from #NRENs across the globe sat together for focused discussions

Attendees of the CEO Track 2023 at TNC23 in Tirana

South Fire @ South Mountain Road, Santa Paula
Evacuation Orders
An evacuation order has been issued for the following area:
🔹North : East La Loma Avenue & West La Loma Avenue
🔹South: East Los Angeles Avenue
🔹East: Aggen Road
🔹West: La Vista Avenue
- #SouthFire
2023-10-09 13:41:34

Shenzhen Kean Silicone Product Co. Ltd v. Group Vertical - New complaint alleges design patent infringement and seeks "three times Defendant’s profits" as a remedy (nope, that's still not a thing).

That Plaintiff be awarded from Defendant, as a result of Defendant’s use and infringement
of the Patented Design, three times Plaintiff’s therefrom and three times Defendant’s profits
therefrom, after an accounting, pursuant to 35 USC § 284;
2023-12-09 13:00:12

twitter_15m: Twitter 15-M movement (2011)
A network representing follower-following relations among Twitter users associated with the 15-M Movement or Anti-austerity movement in Spain, in the period April-May 2011. Metadata include hashtags in the tweets.
This network has 87569 nodes and 6030459 edges.
Tags: Social, Online, Unweighted, Metadata

twitter_15m: Twitter 15-M movement (2011). 87569 nodes, 6030459 edges.
2023-10-07 11:14:05

D.C. Board of Elections confirms voter data stolen in site hack
2023-12-09 17:35:32

Cowboys welcome HC Mike McCarthy into team meeting by playing 50 Cent’s ‘Many Men’ when he returned following surgery

A world away from Israel, L.A.’s Jewish community reels under vast sense of loss
Sitting on a ledge Sunday outside Chabad Persian Youth Center in Pico-Robertson, Jay Israel said his heart broke for the hundreds of innocent Israelis and Palestinians who would die as a result of the latest bout of fighting.
“Any war is the worst thing,” he said.
“The leaders are safe, the civilians are getting killed,” he said. “When they drop the bombs, the missiles, both sides get hurt.”…
2023-12-08 21:10:50

I'm feeling particularly demotivated this evening because another volunteer at the greyhound charity has blown up at me and basically accused me of being pro-racing.
I had expressed concern that something they wanted me to post might have an anti-racing message in it, so I'd said I wanted to wait and get confirmation.

Communities across the U.S. are fueling a secondary arms market by giving seized and surrendered guns to disposal services that destroy one part and resell the rest.

‘We can’t ignore these people’: huge surge in numbers fleeing Gaza City
Under white flags, and carrying a few possessions mainly in carrier bags, exhausted parents led their children on Wednesday or carried them under the watch of Israeli tanks as the sounds of war rang out in the near distance.
On Sunday, 2,000 people took the opportunity to flee south during a daily four-hour window announced by the Israel Defence Forces. On Monday it was 5,000