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2024-01-20 18:17:00

A rough outline of the NH legislative year:
January-February: committee hearings for bills from your own chamber, plus full-chamber votes on which bills to send over to the other chamber
March-April: crossover (hearings for bills from the other chamber), plus more full-chamber votes on stuff
May-June: full-chamber votes continue, including ones for committees of conference, to resolve differences between how the two chambers may have amended bills differently
July-August: break (generally a good time to do research on ideas for new bills)
1 week in September: filing period for new legislation
September-October: retained bills hearings (bills that were put off earlier in the year)
October-November: redraft requests, signoffs, and cosponsor signons for legislation filed during the filing period, plus campaign season
December: organizational stuff for the upcoming year
"Veto Day" (when we vote on whether or not to override the governor's vetos) can be scheduled any time from September to December, and sometimes even early into the January of the following year.
Hopefully this is helpful for people hoping to know when the best times to ask me for things are!
2024-01-20 07:35:56

Microsoft Actions Following Attack by Nation State Actor Midnight Blizzard (Microsoft Security Response Center)
2024-04-19 20:21:40

‘Thought They’d See My Leg’: Chicago Black Man, Physically Unable to Commit Murder for Which He Was Convicted, Freed After 11 Years
2024-01-20 10:48:31

We have a new historical marker!
The unveiling of the “Arrival of the Pan Am China Clipper in the Philippines” historical marker earlier today at the Manila Yacht Club makes this the first time we officially have an aviation-related historical marker from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines! (Surprisingly, Philippine Airlines still doesn’t have its own historical marker yet.)
📷 Andre Ryan Maceda

Photo of a commemorative plaque with the following inscription (white text on black) in English:

Arrival of the Pan Am China Clipper in the Philippines

The China Clipper, a flying boat which belonged to the Pan American Airways fleet, took off from San Francisco, United States, for Manila, 22 November 1935. Piloted by Edwin Musick and Fred Noonan, it crossed the Pacific skies with stopovers in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Midway, Wake, and Guam islands. Arrived in Manila Bay, 29 November 1935. T…
Photo of a commemorative plaque with the following inscription (white text on black) in Filipino:

Pagdating ng Pan Am China Clipper sa Pilipinas

Ang China Clipper, eroplanong pandagat ng Pan American Airways, ay lumipad mula San Francisco, Estados Unidos, patungong Maynila, 22 Nobyembre 1935. Nagsilbing piloto sina Edwin Musick at Fred Noonan. Tinawid nito ang himpapawid ng Pasipiko at dumaan sa Honolulu, Hawaii, sa mga isla ng Midway, Wake, at Guam. Nakarating sa Look ng Maynila, 29 Noby…
2024-02-20 00:26:23

I see, feels kinda like Twitter/X's "Muted Notifications".
Mastodon has "Block notifications" under Preferences − Notifications − Other Notifications Settings.
Twitter/X also have "Qual…

Screenshot of Twitter/X's settings page for muted notifications with toggle options for muting notifications from people who you don't follow, don't follow you, with a new account, who have a default profile photo, who haven’t confirmed their email, and who haven’t confirmed their phone number.
Screenshot of Mastodon's 'Other Notifications Settings' with options to block notifications from non-followers, from people you don't follow, and direct messages from people you don't follow, with checkboxes next to each option.
2024-03-19 07:19:19

Gedanken Experiments to Destroy a Black Hole by a Test Particle: Multiply Charged Black Hole with Higher Derivative Corrections
Keisuke Izumi, Toshifumi Noumi, Daisuke Yoshida
2024-02-19 15:32:01

I'd like to congratulate arts and humanities journals for continuing to flummox the folks at Clarivate by remaining less (quantitatively) rank-able, despite Clarivate's best efforts to put a number on everything, no matter the meaninglessness of the exercise. Stay weird arts and humanities!

Clarivate press release: "We will not introduce JIF rankings for the arts and humanities categories

It was our intention to also introduce rankings for the 25 unique arts and humanities-specific categories this year. However, we have re-evaluated this decision following extensive data analysis and consultations with the scholarly community.

There is considerable variance in average citation speed and volume between disciplines. In general, citations in the arts and humanities are far lower an…
2024-02-19 15:45:19

Kid2 has discovered black lipstick and I have many contradictory feelings.
2024-01-20 09:47:45

Once my back's feeling a bit better I have to head into town to go into the bank to pay in a cheque.
Yes, I have been given a cheque. Like it's 1992 or something.
(For our younger viewers watching in black and white, a cheque is like when you do a money transfer on your phone, but in hard copy).
2024-04-19 13:15:10

Spotted a yellow-crowned night heron and a black rat snake on yesterday's neighborhood walk. (I think that's what they are, but open to being corrected.)
Saw them both within 100-150 ft of each other, on the 6th km of an otherwise uneventful 7.5km walk. 😀
Snake video 👇🏽 (none of my clients were able to attach both videos to this post).

Video of a grey heron sitting on a tree branch and then flying away towards a backyard, eventually settling down by a creek.