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2023-11-03 05:27:24

Titans WR Treylon Burks 'alert, moving,' Mike Vrabel says following scary injury Thursday night vs. Steelers…
2023-12-04 07:33:56

"een flinke boom in de buurt leidt al gauw tot vijf- tot tienduizend euro extra verkoopwaarde."
2023-12-07 06:30:36

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2023-11-30 17:24:32

Idly wandering around StackExchange I find this little jewel: TIL that ordinal logistic regression can predict ordinal variables with very many categories (no surpise to see Frank Harrell's name there, tho)
#DataAnalysis #Rstats
2023-10-05 05:39:53

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2023-11-04 15:43:54

Overdue. I hope there are real consequences and not the usual mild verbal tongue lashing.
2023-11-30 20:09:46

Major victory in Belgium climate case today:
Court of Appeal orders the federal, Flemish and Brussels governments to achieve a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 55% by 2030, compared to 1990.
In 2021, only -24% had been reached.
2023-11-07 06:29:03

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2023-12-04 18:46:26

Titans fire special teams coordinator Craig Aukerman after loss to Colts