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2024-02-23 20:28:14

Hi all -- I'm back, what did I miss?
If you're waiting for me on something, please ping :)
2024-02-22 11:21:57

[[Douglas Hofstadter]] changes his mind on Deep Learning & [[AI risk]] (June 2023)? — LessWrong
2024-02-15 17:28:58

#SocialCoop is discussing the [[bluesky bridge]] over here, if you are interested:
2024-02-19 18:00:37

I want to try out [[silver bullet]] == this week.
I've been meaning to for a while; it seems like a good addition to the [[note taking]] space. It's a web app but 100% offline operation is possible. It is also based on plain files, which I consider critical.
2024-02-19 19:16:50

Praise be, I think [[silver bullet]] comes close to what I was looking for all long!

screenshots of a reasonably-looking interpretation of my garden notes (in the Agora), running as a local progressive web app/editor!
2024-02-19 20:36:39

[[returning to monkey island]], a #documentary:
2024-02-16 22:30:55

An instant classic:
[[cowsay]] should not be enabled by default
2024-02-19 17:57:14

TIL about [[neurite]],
a fractal experiment in note taking space:
h/t [[JL]]
2024-02-17 10:28:44

TIL you can use `git add -p` to commit part of a file's modifications in [[git]]:
2024-02-15 21:47:59

[[Techcrunch]] picked up on a fraction of the Fediverse's apparent "closed by default" attitude towards [[Bluesky]]: