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2024-01-18 01:18:34

RT @dwallacewells :
“British children who grew up during the years of austerity are falling behind many of their European peers in terms of height, a study has found.”
2024-01-18 00:02:54

Probability ellipses for the #Peregrine reentry on 18 January around 21:00 UTC following numerous tiny orbital tweaks: in the 20th update Astrobotic is finally providing details again about what it did and what it is planning.
2024-02-17 02:52:12

I was going to post a question on Reddit about what two or three comics I should start reading that would be relatively easy to get caught up on and have good characters with little to no triggery stuff in them and have some fantasy or space opera elements, but then I realized that literally any subreddit I would post in would immediately ban my post for failing to follow some obscure rule about asking research questions and I’d be admonished by some mod for failing to have already ingested seventeen years of that specific /r/‘s culture and mores.
EDIT: because this is getting all the right kinds of lovely folk boosting—stuff I love in comic books would be things like Catherine Asaro’s Major Bhaajan, steampunk elements (god I don’t have the energy to catch up on Girl Genius but I used to love it), Honor Harrington, Xena Warrior Princess, anything hopeful future like Star Trek, the anime series Trinity Blood, no fae sexy shit because I already know how to find ACOTAR on Libby and I don’t need an illustrated guide, and whimsy eg a Psalm For The Wild-Built.
2024-02-16 17:25:32

This is quite possibly my proudest accomplishment as a librarian to date:
2024-04-17 10:43:40

TIL about this, too! I have a feeling @… or @… might find it interesting…
2024-04-15 18:41:20

Heb jij de boel voor je vertrek nog even flink opgeruid, @…? 😂🤣😂
Zuid-Koreaanse vrouwen pikken achterstelling niet meer en zweren mannen af - Joop - BNNVARA
2024-03-16 06:12:47

The fake instant noodle in this Hong Kong TV serial is called “Noddle”. It’s also “flying fish flavored”.
#props #cinematography #humor

Frame grab showing an actor’s hand reaching for “Noddle”.
2024-01-18 06:23:47

This has been replaced.
initial toot:…
2024-03-08 12:40:45

Filing: chipmaker Astera Labs, which offers cloud and AI connectivity hardware, plans to raise as much as $534M in its US IPO (Phil Serafino/Bloomberg)
2024-04-03 09:48:03

Interesting research: Long #COVID in a highly vaccinated but largely unexposed Australian population following the 2022 SARS‐CoV‐2 Omicron wave: a cross‐sectional survey

Numbers of symptoms reported by adult Western Australian residents with long COVID who responded to our long COVID survey, 14 October – 1 November 2022*