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2023-10-07 15:31:03

“The idea that solar power could interfere with the UK’s food security is utterly detached from reality. Solar power generated over 8% of all our electricity this spring, but takes up less land than golf courses. This is part of an abysmal streak of energy policy from the government, including failing to properly unblock onshore wind, failing to get any new offshore wind, and trying to press ahead with incredibly dangerous new oil drilling.”
#Sunak #RenewableEnergy
2023-11-05 11:05:30

Q&A with Adobe General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer Dana Rao on the Content Authenticity Initiative, content credentials, AI deepfake detection, and more (Wall Street Journal)
2023-12-04 12:32:09

Not a fun read while stuck in a sick bed, but the reality on the ground in #Ukraine is far worse. And I shudder to think of my friends and colleagues in #Kyiv being dragged into this war...
"We have now reached a point where, because Ukraine wasn't given what it needed to win a short war…

In addition to possibly making regular trips to the moon less expensive,♦️in-flight refueling ♦️could enable missions deeper into space.
NASA is spending billions to help make the technology a reality:
Earlier this year, the space agency awarded a $3.4 billion contract to Blue Origin, the venture founded by Jeff Bezos.
Previous contracts worth about $4 billion went to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is scheduled to fly the first two missions later this decade, with Blue Origin…
2023-11-01 18:13:32

OVERREACTION VS. REALITY: 49ers in big trouble? Jaguars AFC's best team? A.J. Brown for MVP?
2023-10-23 08:22:03

European cities held vigils against antisemitism and rallies in support of Gaza relief.
Thousands of people rallied in Paris demanding an end to the Israeli military operation in Gaza which organisers said was a 'massacre,' following the bloody attack by Hamas militants.
Hundreds rallied outside the UN offices in Geneva to demand hostage release. A day earlier 4500 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched in the Swiss city of Lausanne.
2023-11-30 16:01:09

The BEUC and its members follow NOYB in filing a complaint against Meta's €9.99 /month subscriptions in the EU, saying the tier amounts to charging for privacy (Foo Yun Chee/Reuters)

Meta Platforms' paid ad-free service is targeted in EU consumer groups' complaint
Meta Platforms'
(META.O) paid no-ads subscription service, which it rolled out in Europe this month, breaches EU consumer laws, Europe's largest consumer group said on Thursday as it took its grievance to consumer protection authorities.
2023-10-26 06:08:59

kudos to the dude on rollerblades at 11 PM on a fairly dark sidewalk that has 2 to 3 inch offsets because of tree roots, carrying a boombox blasting *NSYNC. He rolled into the intersection and did a rollerblading version of a sideshow back-and-forth across the cable car tracks. A for not falling anywhere.
2023-09-24 10:17:00
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It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / #Sunday! ☀️
#Helios drives his quadriga above a sacrificial scene with a youthful priest and a Temple of #Athena in the background.
🏛 Dated 3rd cent…

Silver bowl with a sacrifice scene in relief: a youthful priest wearing a flowing sleeveless tunic and a mantle rolled around his waist and draped over his left arm, a laurel wreath in his full curly locks, cradling pomegranates and other fruit in the crook of his left arm, gripping a goat by its horn, leading it toward a flaming hexagonal altar, embellished with scrolling dots on the upper surface and base, a wreath around its center, the altar situated at the base of the steps of a Temple to …
2023-10-13 16:10:44

Mojo Vision, which pivoted from smart contact lenses to making microLED display tech, raised a $21.1M Series A extension, bringing its Series A to $43.5M (Brian Heater/TechCrunch)