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2024-02-17 10:03:19

Dr. Ingrid Nestle beim Westfalen Weser Forum 2024
Gute Rednerin, unterhaltsamer und informativer Vortrag und ruhiges Publikum. Ich hatte angesichts der Ereignisse der letzten Tage schon mit ein bisschen Gerumpel gerechnet, aber außer zwei merkwürdigen Fragen zum Schluß war das alles sehr vernünftig. Eine sehr gute Veranstaltung!

Auf einer Bühne steht eine Frau vor einem projezierten Bild und hält eine Rede. Die Bühne ist flankiert von zwei großen Werbeständern des verasntaltenden Unternehmens.

Donald Trump has not been able to get a #bond to secure the $464 million #fraud judgment against him, his lawyers said in a court filing Monday.
Trump and his company need to post a bond for the full amount by next week in order to stop New York Attorney General Letitia James from being able to collect while he appeals.…
2024-04-17 04:09:34

This is so stupid. Not holding my breath, but maybe the EU should go after Nintendo for their dogshit stance on emulators
2024-01-18 03:27:49

A different bit of gardening today. We were planting an olive tree and normally I'd put some AG pipe in to deep water the plant. I didn't have any handy so this time I put a layer of 7mm gravel in the bottom of the hole then put in an old bit of poly pipe. After filling in the hole, we filled the pipe with gravel. I'll leave the soil to settle down, then remove the poly pipe so there will be a gravel channel through and under the root area to take water.

A small olive tree with a bit of poly pipe standing beside it
2024-02-17 02:52:12

I was going to post a question on Reddit about what two or three comics I should start reading that would be relatively easy to get caught up on and have good characters with little to no triggery stuff in them and have some fantasy or space opera elements, but then I realized that literally any subreddit I would post in would immediately ban my post for failing to follow some obscure rule about asking research questions and I’d be admonished by some mod for failing to have already ingested seventeen years of that specific /r/‘s culture and mores.
EDIT: because this is getting all the right kinds of lovely folk boosting—stuff I love in comic books would be things like Catherine Asaro’s Major Bhaajan, steampunk elements (god I don’t have the energy to catch up on Girl Genius but I used to love it), Honor Harrington, Xena Warrior Princess, anything hopeful future like Star Trek, the anime series Trinity Blood, no fae sexy shit because I already know how to find ACOTAR on Libby and I don’t need an illustrated guide, and whimsy eg a Psalm For The Wild-Built.
2024-04-17 15:47:28

It's now been about 2 weeks or so since the wife and I got our first memory foam mattress, which we decided on a Nectar brand.
During these two weeks or so, I've been sleeping considerably better. I sleep a bit later than I was there for a while as I now wake up around 6am instead of between 4am - 5am.
I also don't wake up with a sore back, headaches or feeling like I want to immediately go lay down on the couch and take a nap. (cont...)

An image I pulled from Google showing a bedroom setup with a Nectar memory foam mattress.
2024-03-17 00:20:35

Seems a lot of science fiction forges the future.
It's 2032. There is no longer a Republican Party in the U.S. A two party system remains following the Democratic split. SCOTUS judges now number 18. Putin died in jail after the Russian civil war, following the victory of Ukraine. All human rights have been reaffirmed in the constitutional renewal taking place to guard against all threats to democracy or human rights, including enshrining women's right to choose. Diversity is k…
2024-03-18 09:40:50

Filings: Reddit cancelled Steve Huffman's pay awards in December 2023 that were tied to hitting a $25B valuation, signalling reduced hopes of a blockbuster IPO (Financial Times)
2024-01-18 18:00:09

Well it’s been a helluva day. I got an MRI today (yikes!) got a flat time, got back home very slowly and changed the tire, and then fixed the snowblower while filling the spare tire, and finally got to work and now it’s lunchtime. I cannot wait for this day to end.