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2023-10-05 06:39:02

Die Merz Aussage ist ein klassischer Fall von diesem Witz, wo drei Leute am Tisch sitzen, jeweils mit einem Teller vor sich. Der Reiche hat 20 Kekse, der Geflüchtete hat nichts auf dem Teller, der Arme hat einen Keks.
Sagt der Reiche zum Armen: „Vorsicht: der Geflüchtete will dir deinen Keks wegnehmen.“
Wahrscheinlich fliegt er nachher für einen Tag mit einem Privatflugzeug nach Sylt.
2023-10-07 11:46:34

This forum registration has an interesting alternative to captcha...

CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION What are the following things that make you Options The happiest(3 items) happy? Please drag the options to the correct list, to avoid Forgot password automated registrations. Hanging Drink milk tea Pay Computer crash Anxiety Be late Wrestling Lose money Have a holiday
2023-10-06 14:47:07

For us it is a chicken instead of turkey. Not for the cost, the size! All the turkeys they have are big enough to feed at least 8 people and it is only 3 of us for dinner. Still expensive for it and the potatoes, carrots, turnip, bread for the stuffing, butter, onions, rolls, and the materials to make pumpkin pies. Daughter will be happy as afterwards we split the left overs with her and does several days of meals for her.
2023-12-05 19:35:18

I say:
We will strike, #strike, [[strike]]
The heart of [[Moloch]] tonight
With kindness!
2023-10-04 21:22:31

Source: J. Adams may face discipline for outburst
2023-10-03 23:00:28

Cowboys Sign LB Mikel Jones To PS
2023-10-02 15:07:59

Deleted user
started following you
2023-10-28 15:35:07

Flores: the wild island at Europe’s western fringe.
Europe’s final scrap of land before America sticks out of the Atlantic like a shark’s fin. The Azores archipelago is part of Portugal, but Lisbon is only a few miles closer than Newfoundland in Canada.
The furthest-flung of the Azores, little Flores boasts grand volcanic landscapes, craters and waterfalls.
2023-11-29 20:35:42
Content warning: Flancia

Would you like [[slay Moloch]] with me in #2024 ?
Or should we try to [[heal them]]?