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2024-05-17 02:32:06

Given the plethora of at-least-as-good #libre messaging platforms (see Matrix, Rocket.Chat, Zulip, Mattermost, NextCloud Talk, etc.) that aren't
* exploiting your data,
* pestering you to pay more,
* reducing 'free tier' features (to get you to pay $),
* blocking integrations you want,
* failing to live up to their security promises, or
* simply being…
2024-06-12 20:28:40

This is part of the iron-fisted control that pharmacies have over our meds - from denying you refills to denying you meds at all, something's gotta give
Pharmacy caused veteran's death by not giving meds: Lawsuit
2024-05-15 20:31:32

Netflix announces 10-part Jerry Jones documentary series, promising 'definitive story' of Cowboys owner…
2024-06-15 14:20:01

Feeling so welcomed at our regular neighborhood spot because they were playing Prince when I came in, but then also apologized to me when they turned it off because “it’s just, like… too much sexual energy for 10am.”
2024-04-18 08:46:03

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initial toot:…
2024-06-16 06:39:07

good thread on Biden's failings w.r.t covid
See e.g. this story of the flipflop from $2000 promised to $1400 delivered:
#Biden #covid
2024-04-18 08:41:26

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