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2024-04-17 14:09:48

Having #cPTSD is very hard. Why, since I am very often in the state of hyperarousal.
With breathing exercises, I can manage it somehow. But, I need to practice the exercise for at least 30 minutes into an hour per day, divided by several 5 minutes or 10 minutes sessions.
And I often too busy (read lazy) to practice the exercise.
Feeling on the edge several times per day, every…
2024-06-17 08:47:18

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2024-05-29 17:34:06

"Bankruptcy Creditors Get Their Knives Out For Giuliani, Accusing Him of ‘Crimes’ and ‘Egregious Spending Habits’ in Motion to Seize Control"
👍 **Giuliani Bankruptcy Creditors Move to Appoint Trustee**
2024-05-06 17:07:53

"too many cowardly university leaders are responding to largely peaceful, outdoor protests by inviting law enforcement in riot gear to campus & condoning violent arrests. [They] are failing in their duty to their institutions, their faculty, their students, &... our democratic society. When university administrators limit when, where, and how free speech may be exercised, and require... applications for permission of... expression, they effectively gut the right itself."
2024-05-06 17:35:49

But now consider another accident. A report in the British Medical Journal describes the case of a construction worker who had jumped off some scaffolding. Beneath him, to his horror, was a 15 cm nail that pierced clean through his boot when he landed. The man […] was in agony, tortured by every small movement of his foot. He was given some even more powerful sedatives, fentanyl and midazolam. But when doctors removed the boot they discovered that the nail had not penetrated his foot at all. In fact, it had passed safely between his toes. There was no bodily injury causing the excruciating pain he felt, though it was completely genuine. In his case, however, the experience was produced entirely by his own powerful prediction machinery. Those searing pains were false perceptions created by his brain's predictions (based on the visual evidence) of serious injury and the kinds of feelings that might result.
(Andy Clark, The Experience Machine: How Our Minds Predict and Shape Reality)
Honestly, I think the biggest conceptual leap here is realizing that pain that is neither caused by an injury, nor neuropathic in nature, can be very real and people aren't just "making up" or "imagining" things. The wiring of their brain fires up as in any other instance of pain.
2024-06-01 01:11:06

Just recycling a bunch of obsolete documentation, much of it from my Egressive days (which ended with us selling the company to Catalyst IT in Dec 2012). Spotted this sentimental gem, filling me with a bit of melancholy... The (now defunct) Twisted Hop brew pub where we spent many idyllic Friday beer o'clocks.

Photo of an old paper till receipt with the logo for The Twisted Hop, circa 2010/08/20 - so just pre #eqnz. Sigh.
2024-04-19 08:37:42

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2024-06-05 08:52:53

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2024-06-03 08:43:37

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