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Twenty Democratic state attorneys general on Monday filed a motion in defense of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) oil and gas methane rule, following a lawsuit against the rule by Republican AGs.
Twenty-four GOP states, led by Oklahoma’s Gentner Drummond, sued over the rule last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a separate challenge March 8 in response to a request from the state Railroad Commission.…
2024-02-23 06:55:58

Noise-BERT: A Unified Perturbation-Robust Framework with Noise Alignment Pre-training for Noisy Slot Filling Task
Jinxu Zhao, Guanting Dong, Yueyan Qiu, Tingfeng Hui, Xiaoshuai Song, Daichi Guo, Weiran Xu