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2024-02-15 21:47:59

[[Techcrunch]] picked up on a fraction of the Fediverse's apparent "closed by default" attitude towards [[Bluesky]]:
2024-02-15 17:32:22

@… congratulations on launching Bluesky support! I saw you hit some community concerns; I think I know you mean well and I'm trying to address concerns from people I know. I also believe that bridging by default/doing opt-out is clearly the right move for the Fediverse.
2024-03-03 17:19:17

I found this article interesting
[[who hosts the fediverse instances]]:
Publicly available information for our own instance,
2024-02-03 11:05:17

For people who don't like the #Fediverse being crawled/scraped by default (meaning when profiles and posts use the default public visibility rules):
Could you take a minute to explain to me your position, or link to something that represents your views well?
2024-02-25 22:48:52

The [[federalist papers]]:
h/t @…
2024-02-25 17:39:57

ITT: ways in which [[Bluesky]] is better than [[Mastodon]], and how it could be a great addition to the [[Fediverse]] :)
2024-01-20 20:58:51

I'm surprised there seems to be very scant [[error reporting]] in the #Fediverse (meaning ActivityPub). I expected 'wrong'/misshapen activities to result in some kind of error reporting activity coming back to the source, but nope. Mastodon at least seems to just accept the activity and drop it silently on the floor later (unless you have access to its logs, which you don't for the…
2024-01-20 22:07:09

[[ActivityPub implementation reports]] is a good place to start to find Fediverse-compatible software.
I learnt of a few new projects in this space from reading this. Unfortunately, the test suite for ActivityPub h…
2024-01-20 20:45:58

@… is my [[Betula]] (social bookmarking) account -- you can follow it here in the Fediverse to see which tabs I'm saving.