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2024-02-15 03:28:34

Jack Smith fires back at Trump with Supreme Court brief warning against further delay - Raw Story
2024-03-17 19:56:45

Raiders re-sign John Jenkins, filling a hole at defensive tackle that will give them one of the best DL in the NFL
2024-04-15 04:25:04

Jack Smith on court repeatedly granting Trump delays in Florida federal docs case: "That must stop" - National Zero
2024-03-03 16:28:55

@… Hope the eye is feeling a bit better today. Here is a joke that is right up your alley 😄
2024-02-02 19:09:28

Absolutely heartbreaking but urgently important letter to an unborn daughter on the crisis men are falling into and the fallout that follows.
A fantastic series on the crisis in masculinity courtesy of #ZetlandMag - really worth translating this piece. But the whole series is brilliantly done.
2024-03-13 07:13:54

Emergent (2 1)D topological orders from iterative (1 1)D gauging
Jose Garre Rubio…

Judge Aileen Cannon’s delays in Trump classified documents case dashes July trial hopes
US district judge Aileen Cannon received proposed trial start dates from Trump and the special counsel Jack Smith more than a month ago in advance of a hearing ostensibly to settle the matter in Fort Pierce, Florida, but she has still not decided when the proceeding will begin.
As a result, Trump has been able to avoid filing certain pre-trial motions that have to be completed before the case…
2024-04-04 13:32:18

Grateful Dead from Thu, Apr 4, 1985 at Providence Civic Center
#GratefulDead #TIGDH #LiveMusic
2024-03-01 07:22:16

A short note on deformations of (strongly) Gorenstein-projective modules over the dual numbers
Jose A. Velez-Marulanda, Hector Suarez
2024-03-30 14:05:08

Grateful Dead from Fri, Mar 30, 1973 at Rochester Community War Memorial on Live Music Archive!
#GratefulDead #TIGDH #LiveMusic