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2024-02-19 12:39:05

"O curioso é que a empresa não revela mais como o #Sora foi treinado, como receio das questões de #direitoautoral. Isso teria sido feito com todo tipo de vídeo da internet, filmes, séries e dados sintéticos gerados por videogames. Quando estive com
2024-04-19 04:08:44

Oha, eine Arthur Russell-Biografie:
2024-03-20 07:56:44

There is no “away”.

Four panel comic of a kid asking their parent what to du with rubbish to which they say “oh just throw it away” to which the kid throws with all their might and you can see a zoom out to Earth with the rubbish flying into space with the tile “oh wait, there is no ‘away’”.
2024-03-20 18:14:21


Boeing logo with the E falling off, leaving Boing
2024-03-19 12:10:35

#NowPlaying Woke up feeling nauseous and with this #MarcAlmond barn burner running on repeat in my head. youtube.c…
2024-03-20 07:14:31

Stein fillings vs. Milnor fibers
R. Inanc Baykur, A. Nemethi, O. Plamenevskaya…
2024-03-19 20:57:31

Oh dear a psychological study where climate action = planting trees.
Not surprising for a discipline founded on methodological individualism.
How to talk about climate change and the problem with doomerism - resilience
2024-03-20 16:09:52

Oh, almost forgot: Happy #equinox
2024-03-18 17:16:00

Oh Darn
“In a filing on Monday, his lawyers said they had approached 30 companies to back the bond without success.”
#Trump #CrimeBoss #PayUp
2024-01-20 02:13:49

A visit to the Three Park Dems (Bloomingdale neighborhood, #UpperWestSide , Manhattan) website tells me the following are running for Danny O'Donnell's State Assembly District (69) seat
Micah Lasher, Dir. of Policy for Gov. Kathy Hochul
Eli Northrup, Public Defender
Melissa Rosenberg, Member Community Board 7.
Barry Weinberg, Vice Chair, Communi…