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2024-04-22 18:16:55

I recorded a talk for this morning's meeting of the Autism Cross-Party Group at the Scottish Parliament, on autism and the presumption of mainstreaming: how Scotland is failing to deliver truly inclusive education, what that might look like, and why it wouldn't necessarily be enough, even if it was truly as inclusive as it can be.
2024-04-17 08:25:13

Ukrainian Renaissance Challenges ‘Great’ Russian Cultural Narrative In light of the destruction of hundreds of thousands of monuments of Ukrainian culture by the Russian occupying forces, as well as t Source :
2024-03-18 19:29:34

I gave #Threads a go for a few weeks, and my feeling is that it's almost totally pointless actually posting anything - unless you're one of The Algorithm's Chosen Few, in which case it's probably a lot like being Twitter-famous.
Anyone had any experiences that contradict that impression?
2024-02-15 21:15:28

Hey friends, sorry for the spam. But I just rediscovered this shot and remembered this uncommon situation where we decided to retreat from a hike as we didn't feel comfortable of crossing the part ahead. One of us was also a little afraid of heights ... a challenging section paired with anxiety - in such situations I don't hesitate a second to cancel.
And NEVER give that person a bad feeling. I hope you agree.

A stunning landscape featuring a rocky cliff with trees is captured in this image. The rocky cliff is the dominant feature, with its dark, jagged edges contrasting against the bright blue sky. The trees add a touch of greenery and softness to the otherwise rugged scene. The image was taken in an outdoor setting, possibly in a nature reserve or national park, as suggested by the tags. The terrain is hilly and uneven, with rocky outcrops and exposed bedrock. In the foreground, a palm tree is visi…
2024-02-17 10:59:07

Script of the video above:
"I think that flow states and similar times of total absorption can do a lot to help non-autistic people to make sense of #autistic experiences.
In the right environment, autistic people might enter this state of intense absorption many times on any given day – but few schools and workplaces are designed to accommodate that! It is also something that many parents and carers fail to understand, so autistic people are often wrenched out of their attention tunnels constantly – an experience that can be intensely unpleasant and disruptive, taking the place of something that could be relaxing and restorative.
Think of a time when you have almost finished a chapter of a riveting book, or a game was nearly over, and suddenly you were pulled away from it and expected to do something else entirely straight away, with no idea if or when you’ll be allowed to get back to what you were lost in. Now, imagine that happening to you several times a day, and everyone around you acts as if this is perfectly normal and no big deal! Nobody seems to understand the time it takes to shift gears, or the feeling of instability that follows from being jerked too quickly off of the track that you were on. Like many of the distressing experiences that autistic people have, this is made far worse by the failure of other people to recognise what’s happening.
#Flow states have been touted as the key to wellbeing for everyone – probably rightly, I think. They come with a sense of purpose and a kind of easy intensity that are both hard to match."

The Outrage Industry is talk radio, cable news shows, and political blogs.
The #outrage #industry dictates the behavior of elected officials (particularly conservatives) who are terrified of getting on its wrong side because they know if they do, they will be
2024-04-07 14:33:01

🧵 Thread: Re-plugging an old article that my friend, mentee and former colleague Mythri Prabhakara wrote about learning digital security over approximately 8 months while navigating her #neurodivergence and other intersectional identities, and a pandemic to boot.
(I’ve shared an archived link because the footnotes and text currently displaying are a bit weird.)
2024-03-13 18:37:04

I have been filling in various gaps in the online archive of my mother, Dinah Murray's work - notably including the first ever publication about #monotropism, her 1992 Durham paper 'Attention Tunnelling and #Autism'.
I think these papers hold up pretty well, all things considered!
2024-02-14 13:18:55

Text of the above video:
"Shutdowns are often the result of someone feeling so frustrated that they could melt down, but knowing that to do so would be even worse, but that they can avoid dealing with other people’s reactions to that if they manage to stay in control enough to do nothing but bottle it up.
Whichever way they go, meltdowns and shutdowns take a huge mental and physical toll, and require substantial recovery time. Some autistic people report feeling their after-effects for days afterwards, and in some cases losing abilities they previously had for even longer.
Autistic burnout is something like a long-term counterpart to a shutdown: the cumulative effects of pushing beyond your capacities for too long, usually because you don’t feel like you have much of a choice. Society demands that we carry on, however hard it is – often while insisting that it’s easy, and we’re surely just not really trying. At some point, we just… can’t, any more. We find ourselves perpetually exhausted, our cognitive abilities chronically impaired – often with heightened sensitivities and a reduced a ability to socialise."
2024-02-12 12:56:12

State of the world, mental health
Feeling heavy with the weight of world affairs today.
I know I'm not going to save the world single-handed, and I need to respect my own limits and need for rest.
Still, I'm not powerless. None of us are. The big problem is that those with the most power are using it so badly, and doing a heck of a job persuading the rest of us that there's nothing we can do to stop them.
How much can we, or should we, block out the horrors of the world in order to get on with our own lives?