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2024-03-19 22:50:30

I think we should take Trump’s talk of a “bloodbath” seriously.
But I also can’t help recalling this guy promising “a bloodbath of cops dying in LA”, only to play cop roles in really bad “cop comedy” films 😏

Ice Cube, dressed in street clothes and sunglasses, wearing a police officer's badge, looks over his shoulder as he talks to Kevin Heart, also playing a cop, from the movie Ride Along 2
2024-02-19 07:15:51

A Random-Player Game and Derangement Numbers
Yehonatan Fridman
2024-04-14 18:42:17

Naked Bird
2024-03-15 13:14:52

Derrick Henry, who’ll play for the Ravens now, claims Jerry Jones or the Cowboys ‘never called’ him during free agency
2024-01-31 17:56:01

The US DOJ says eBay agreed to pay $59M to settle allegations that it violated the Controlled Substances Act by allowing sales of pill presses and other items (Dean Seal/Wall Street Journal)
2024-03-09 17:52:51

I'm pretty bad at actually reading my timeline after being afk. Similar to twitter, I find 250-300 follows is where I start feeling overwhelmed and don't really want to follow anyone else. That said, #phanpy has an intriguing new feature called "Catch-up" and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. I'm curious how others are using it? Just plow through (or skim…
2024-04-05 14:30:29

I have a longtime habit of abruptly making a flurry of clicking/popping sounds with my mouth as a way of expressing feelings, fulfilling a similar function to swearing, for example.
However, now that I'm going to college I've been struggling with occasionally starting to do this and then catching myself once I register what's happening. I can't tell if other people aren't bringing it up just to be nice, or really if my feelings of embarrassment are rational. What…

Edited screenshot of a tiktok with text that reads "I love hanging out w ppl that make random noises out of the blue. Like reajdiejdibeep bop boop dinggg to you too babe."
2024-02-11 03:56:19

Love to see an article that digs into some of the complexity of combat we've built.
And if you don't like roguelites, still give it a try! It's not wholly run-based -- you gain power over the course of a dungeon that resets at the end (your "build"), but you're also permanently acquiring new weapons and unlocking new locations. We avoid the "start from zero" feeling that frustrates me in roguelikes.

Gameplay screenshot showing combat against "Mother Treek": a battlefield with spikes erupting from the ground, bombs primed to explode, and a lone player leaping through the air with a spear towards some plant-based monsters.
2024-01-26 11:40:45

Florida and Alaska ban Binance.US from serving their residents, citing CZ's guilty plea; Arkansas, Illinois, and South Dakota made a deal with the exchange (Caitlin Ostroff/Wall Street Journal)
2024-01-27 15:01:35

Sources: the US plans to award billions in subsidies to Intel, TSMC, and other chip makers in coming weeks, amid concerns about slow implementation of CHIPS Act (Yuka Hayashi/Wall Street Journal)…