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2023-11-06 22:38:00

Where the Globe and Mail boosts Proportional Representation as a way to fix some of Canada's many ills. Yes! #PR #BCPoli #CanPoli
2023-11-06 07:48:22

The CERN/NASA #OpenScience Summit sparked some interesting things.
You can now join working groups on:
🎡 Sustainable & interoperable open Infrastructure,
✨ Incentives,
🤝 Equitable Open Science, and
✅ Evidence-based open research policy.
2023-12-05 08:20:30

Pas-de-Calais : un incendie dans un immeuble fait un mort et 14 blessés, dont une grave

un média posté par le compte Twitter
2023-11-06 08:34:28

"We have collectively decided to resign from the Labour Party with immediate effect, feeling that our place within the party is untenable given its present position.
"We cannot remain in a party that is not doing enough whilst innocent people are being killed in #Gaza and Israel."
Labour: Burnley councillors quit party over Israel-Gaza ceasefire stance - BBC News
2023-12-06 19:05:15

Hbomberguy's "Plagiarism" video
Actually did watch the whole of this epic! not all in one go, and give or take a few bits which were playing as I was nearly falling asleep :-)
I don't generally watch a lot of video, & wasn't familiar with any of the people, but still found it interesting & entertaining.
Wow, though. Imagine being one of the people he researched. All this time you thought you were getting away with it, and BOOM.
#Hbomberguy #YouTube #plagiarism
2023-12-05 00:05:58

Tuohys cite texts in latest legal response to Oher
2023-11-03 21:13:59

Opinion: The country is falling apart. Why is the federal government so hesitant to act?
2023-12-05 08:12:21

This could massively change the way satellites operate.
Imagine flinging chemicals into orbit for delivery to satellites to recharge thrusters instead of de-orbiting old satellites because they can't keep their position anymore.
#QT -
2023-10-04 15:56:45

Tweede Kamer stelt plan minimumloon bij: per 1 juli 1,2 procent omhoog en de partijen noemen dat een flinke koopkrachtverbetering. Nou ik ontving de laatste keer €939,41 (AOW, samenwonend met een jong werkend persoon) dus 1,2% is dan €11,27 in de maand. Je moet toch echt in de politiek zitten om dat een flinke verbetering te durven noemen. Wij hebben meer inkomstenbronnen hoor, maak je over mij maar geen zorgen.
2023-12-06 06:25:18

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