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I’d wanted to interview Jennifer Harris for years.
She has been the quiet intellectual force behind the Biden administration’s economic policies,
and she seemed key to understanding why both parties in Washington had walked away from free trade and neoliberalism
— the belief that free markets will bring prosperity and democracy around the world.
These matters felt personal to me.
I spent much of the Trump administration following steelworkers in Indiana who los…
2024-06-15 18:01:36

'Scandalous': G7 Nations Spend 62 Times More on Military Than Humanitarian Aid | Common Dreams
2024-04-19 13:33:05

I do not envy people who still have elderly parents operating in the wild. I spent a large slice of my only visit to my Dad’s post-retirement home for his 80th birthday trying to clean his Windows PC of multiple varieties of malware persistently and failing.
2024-06-18 09:34:09

This has been replaced.
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2024-04-19 08:40:22

This has been replaced.
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2024-06-03 12:44:53

Poland to spend almost $760 million to improve digital security following suspected Russian cyberattack:
2024-05-11 02:29:26

Jerry Rice 'hot' over son Brenden's draft tumble
2024-05-11 02:29:54

"To cut down on fare evasion, we plan to hire three dozen additional transit fare inspectors. We have allocated money in our upcoming two-year budget to pay for these positions."
That's $5M/year less going to new operators who could relieve increasing crowding on buses.
If you have feelings about this, comment section is open
2024-06-12 10:28:00

"Australia’s spending on consultancy services is proportionally greater than any other country."
‘Disregard for truth’: inquiry calls for greater scrutiny of private consultants following PwC tax scandal | PwC | The Guardian
2024-06-17 07:14:52

Substrate$-$bias driven Sputter deposited $\beta-$phase dominated Tungsten film for Spintronic applications
Abhay Singh Rajawat, Naim Ahmad, Risvana Nasril, Tasneem Sheikh, Mohammad Muhiuddin, A kumar, Mohammad R Rahman, Waseem Akhtar