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2023-11-07 15:25:23

Brian Stelter: Tucker Carlson's 2021 Hungary trip, where he lauded PM Viktor Orbšn, was "unapproved" by Fox; Fox moved Jeanine Pirro to The Five to demote her (Lachlan Cartwright/The Daily Beast)…
2023-10-07 01:35:17

Mets intend to hire new GM under David Stearns following Billy Eppler's surprise resignation, per report
#MLB #Baseball #CBSsports
2023-11-06 13:20:48

Jeg bor nokså landlig til på Ringsaker, og er utrolig glad for at Statsforvalteren har gitt avslag til felling av denne ulven. Vi mennesker må slutte å plaffe ned alt som finnes av rovdyr i dette landet.
2023-12-04 16:27:00

Filmic Pro: Eigentümer entlässt offenbar alle Mitarbeiter
Lange galt Filmic Pro auf iPhone- und Androidgeräten als Kamera-App für gehobene Ansprüche. Jetzt wurde laut Medienberichten das gesamte Team entlassen.
2023-11-06 22:38:00

Where the Globe and Mail boosts Proportional Representation as a way to fix some of Canada's many ills. Yes! #PR #BCPoli #CanPoli
2023-11-07 22:52:40

Cowboys signing recently reinstated WR Martavis Bryant to practice squad following workout, per report
2023-10-07 15:31:03

“The idea that solar power could interfere with the UK’s food security is utterly detached from reality. Solar power generated over 8% of all our electricity this spring, but takes up less land than golf courses. This is part of an abysmal streak of energy policy from the government, including failing to properly unblock onshore wind, failing to get any new offshore wind, and trying to press ahead with incredibly dangerous new oil drilling.”
#Sunak #RenewableEnergy
2023-11-06 22:50:38

Here's How The Liberal Money Machine Is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism (Robert Schmad/The Daily Caller)
2023-12-07 16:34:37

Cowboys' Pro Bowl voting leaders include unexpected rising player
2023-10-06 21:46:20

Former Soldier Indicted for Attempting to Pass National Defense Information to People's Republic of China (US Department of Justice)