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2024-01-26 21:19:35

The only thing that was fast today was my heart rate, which was out of control from the outset. If you saw my HR, you’d have thought I ran strides. In hindsight, know I was a bit dehydrated, but otherwise I don’t know what’s happened to my fitness. I’m at a loss to explain it. It’s just vanished and that’s super frustrating. #Running
Song of the day: “I Don’t Know” by The Beastie Boys, which…

Blue skies with thin strands of white clouds expand out beyond the barren tree-lined banks of the Roanoke River. We’re looking westward, upriver, and the clear water flowing towards us reveals a shallow, rocky bed. My running stats are along the bottom: 10km in 1:12 for an average pace of 7:16/km
Me, looking frustrated, as I try to figure out what has happened to my fitness. I’m a late 40s (about as late 40s as one can be) white guy with a short salt and pepper beard. I’m wearing a light blue T shirt, a red Liverpool hat, AirPods, and a pretty creditable scowl.