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2024-02-17 02:52:12

I was going to post a question on Reddit about what two or three comics I should start reading that would be relatively easy to get caught up on and have good characters with little to no triggery stuff in them and have some fantasy or space opera elements, but then I realized that literally any subreddit I would post in would immediately ban my post for failing to follow some obscure rule about asking research questions and I’d be admonished by some mod for failing to have already ingested seventeen years of that specific /r/‘s culture and mores.
EDIT: because this is getting all the right kinds of lovely folk boosting—stuff I love in comic books would be things like Catherine Asaro’s Major Bhaajan, steampunk elements (god I don’t have the energy to catch up on Girl Genius but I used to love it), Honor Harrington, Xena Warrior Princess, anything hopeful future like Star Trek, the anime series Trinity Blood, no fae sexy shit because I already know how to find ACOTAR on Libby and I don’t need an illustrated guide, and whimsy eg a Psalm For The Wild-Built.
2024-02-16 20:43:04

"Developers appear to be featuring fewer LGBT characters in games -
> GLAAD's ex…

the cover art for Life is Strange: True Colors
2024-03-18 19:48:55

I know you're going to find this hard to believe, but Saudi Arabia says "The world should give up on the idea of phasing out oil and gas" and that "the current energy transition strategy is failing"…
2024-02-17 21:50:36

I think my extended family’s WhatsApp channel is going to get real interesting this year.
2024-02-17 21:43:05

I've recently finished the book "Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing", and it was actually pretty depressing to read how a focus on pure "shareholder value" and private enrichment of executives can quickly destroy most of the value of one of the biggest and highly innovative companies. Reading about the destruction of technical excellence in favor of a race to the bottom for short term market gains should be a cautionary tale for all companies that are currently technical leaders. Learn from history how easily that can change.
PS: Now that I know more about the behind-the-scenes reasons for the 737 Max accidents and resulting deaths, I will personally avoid flying in any of them in particular, and generally try to stay away from Boing aircraft while the company is further slipping into even shoddier QA practices.
2024-04-17 21:23:20

Internet data centers are fueling drive to old power source: Coal - Washington Post
2024-03-18 15:47:21

Trump right now:
1. I don’t have enough money left to disgorge my ill-gotten gains, as ordered by the Court.
2. Have mercy on me.
2024-04-16 23:15:43

Filing: Take-Two will fire 5% of its workforce and expects to incur up to $200M in charges as part of a downsizing effort, including $140M from canceled titles (Rob Golum/Bloomberg)
2024-01-18 18:35:29

Filing: Apple details new US App Store rules letting devs link to external payments, says apps in its Video Partner and News Partner program are not eligible (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
2024-04-17 21:23:20

Internet data centers are fueling drive to old power source: Coal - Washington Post