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2024-06-15 13:53:05

Feeling good. #NowPlaying

Top artists in June

1. Echosmith 
2. Chole Moriondo
3. Teenage Jones
4. Lauren Hibbard
5. Chappelle Roan
2024-05-15 09:51:59

Shit... Der Rasenmäher ist in mehr Teilen als er sein sollte. #gartenarbeit

2024-05-15 17:09:45

Nostalgia, continued
I was thinking more today, about that feeling of nostalgia that I wrote about recently (#nostalgia #hiking
2024-06-16 23:01:59

Raiders Offense Is Playing Catch Up
2024-05-13 16:42:55

Brand new emission-free travel solution... /s
The Slingshot Bench...
(Installation by Cornelia Konrads in 2010 #LandArt

Schleudersitz, 2010. The installation was made for the Flying Objects international art exhibition at Eining, Neustadt a.d. Donau, Germany.
2024-06-12 10:28:00

"Australia’s spending on consultancy services is proportionally greater than any other country."
‘Disregard for truth’: inquiry calls for greater scrutiny of private consultants following PwC tax scandal | PwC | The Guardian
2024-05-30 00:06:13

Cleveland Guardians Success Thanks to Feeling at Home on the Road
#MLB #Baseball #JustBaseball
2024-05-12 08:08:57

Gelukkig komt dit overeen met mijn lijstje.

The students protesting in Dublin are on the right side of history – and they know it
Authorities at Trinity College Dublin were in no mood to concede to student demands.
Within days, management U-turned, promising Trinity would divest from Israeli companies, some of which are linked to Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank.
A group of lecturers from Academics for Palestine beamed with pride.
“It’s weird to win!” one told me. “How strange a feeling it is,…
2024-05-11 07:55:12

“The rate of rise will almost certainly come down, but it is still rising and in order to stabilize the climate, you need CO2 level to be falling,” he said. “Clearly, that isn’t happening. Human activity has caused CO2 to rocket upwards. It makes me sad more than anything. It’s sad what we are doing.”
Record-breaking increase in CO2 levels in world’s atmosphere | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian