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2023-12-21 20:43:22

Who could have possibly foreseen that this was a scam designed to distract people from building high speed rail
2023-12-22 00:50:38

You have nothing in your profile, no posts, you’re following 4,200 people, and somehow, 733 people are following you….
Yeah - you don’t need to follow me.
2024-01-20 18:17:00

A rough outline of the NH legislative year:
January-February: committee hearings for bills from your own chamber, plus full-chamber votes on which bills to send over to the other chamber
March-April: crossover (hearings for bills from the other chamber), plus more full-chamber votes on stuff
May-June: full-chamber votes continue, including ones for committees of conference, to resolve differences between how the two chambers may have amended bills differently
July-August: break (generally a good time to do research on ideas for new bills)
1 week in September: filing period for new legislation
September-October: retained bills hearings (bills that were put off earlier in the year)
October-November: redraft requests, signoffs, and cosponsor signons for legislation filed during the filing period, plus campaign season
December: organizational stuff for the upcoming year
"Veto Day" (when we vote on whether or not to override the governor's vetos) can be scheduled any time from September to December, and sometimes even early into the January of the following year.
Hopefully this is helpful for people hoping to know when the best times to ask me for things are!
2023-12-19 18:10:37

Nearly 200 People Tied to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Will Be Publicly Named in New Year: Judge (Ben Feuerherd/The Messenger)

Upwards of 300 million people are classified by the United Nations as international migrants; one in every eight migrants worldwide is a child.

That’s some 3.6 percent of the global population on the move and chasing hope.

To mark International Migrants Day on December 18, RFE/RL’s language services have come together to focus on the #migrant and
2023-12-20 05:06:30

I seriously doubt you're following someone who will follow someone who will boost content from libsoftiktok twice in a row
That would require two separate people in your Kevin Bacon graph at distance 1 and 2 to be transphobic dicks
And ideally the people at that 1/2 distance have better taste than that
Being three jumps away from them seems very unlikely, just like having that content boosted
What's more likely is admins limit that account,
But there's some closet transphobic dick in your friend circle who will reveal their true colors, by boosting some low level unknown dick, which will cause more microagressions
I'm open to ideas for how to solve that
But blocking the instance with the most lgbt people on day one (threads) because it's also going to be the one with the most transphobic people, seems wild
(Also hands down the most closeted lgbt people)
2024-02-22 03:28:45

Does this sound racist to you? Sounds #racist to me...
"I don’t want people representing 10, 15% of the party being in the driver’s seat," DeSantis said to over 200 supporters on a 34-minute video call, according to NBC. "So I would want somebody that, if something happened, the people that voted us in would have been pleased to know that they’re going to continue the mission.…
2024-02-20 00:26:23

I see, feels kinda like Twitter/X's "Muted Notifications".
Mastodon has "Block notifications" under Preferences − Notifications − Other Notifications Settings.
Twitter/X also have "Qual…

Screenshot of Twitter/X's settings page for muted notifications with toggle options for muting notifications from people who you don't follow, don't follow you, with a new account, who have a default profile photo, who haven’t confirmed their email, and who haven’t confirmed their phone number.
Screenshot of Mastodon's 'Other Notifications Settings' with options to block notifications from non-followers, from people you don't follow, and direct messages from people you don't follow, with checkboxes next to each option.
2024-01-19 18:44:36

Finally, we should say a word or two about the most vital of our macronutrients: water. We consume about two and a half quarts [2.4 l] of water a day, though we are not generally aware of it because about half is contained within our foods. The conviction that we should all drink eight glasses of water a day is the most enduring of dietary misunderstandings. The idea has been traced to a 1945 paper from the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, which noted that that was the amount that the average person consumed in a day. "What happened," Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania told the BBC radio program More or Less in 2017, "was that people sort of confused the idea that this was the required intake. And the other confusion that occurred was then people said that it is not so much that you should take in eight ounces [0.24 l] eight times a day, but that you should consume that in addition to whatever fluid you consume in association with your diet and your meals. And there was never any evidence for that."
One other enduring myth concerning water intake is the belief that caffeinated drinks are diuretics and make you pee out more than you have taken in. They may not be the most wholesome of options for liquid refreshment, but they do make a net contribution to your personal water balance. Thirst, curiously, is not a reliable indication of how much water you need. People allowed to drink all the water they want after getting very thirsty usually report feeling slaked after drinking only one-fifth the amount they have lost through perspiration.
Drinking too much water can actually be dangerous. Normally, your body manages fluid balance very well, but occasionally people take in so much water that the kidneys cannot get rid of it fast enough and they end up dangerously diluting the sodium levels in their blood, setting off a condition known as hyponatremia. […]
(Bill Bryson, The Body: A Guide for Occupants)
2024-01-21 16:55:55

I wish LeCun would read some Weizenbaum and learn some humility from the greats of his field.
Being good at something like he definitely is, doesn't mean that the thing you're good at is automatically also good and beneficial. And it definitely doesn't mean the thing you're good at doesn't deserve criticism and be subject to ethical considerations.
What a grade-A asshole.

Tweet from Yann LeCun

"I propose the creation of the DeTuring Award. It will be granted to people who are consistently trying (and failing) to deter society from using computer technology by scaring everyone with imaginary risks. As the Turing Award is the Nobel Prize of computing, the DeTuring Award is the IgNobel Prize of computing."