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2024-03-03 19:29:56
Content warning: spoilers in pics

I grabbed the second in the Midsolar Murders series, “Chaos Terminal,” because the first was pleasant and a space murder mystery seemed fun.
The editing was so poorly done that I had to keep re-reading entire sections, my mental image of a crime scene or interview blown up by it.
These images are spoilers, obviously. If you look…
1. Where is Reggie?
2. When does Mallory stand?
3. Is she talking *to* or *about* Parker?
And I only started taking pics at the end…

Reggie went back into the bathroom; Parker went to ask the bartender. Draughn stood with Amy, Max, and Reggie, then started moving around the room. Finding the body would look sudden and unintentional, he decided. He found the little closet.
"I don't think you have motive to kill me," Mallory said. "Although sometimes people kill when someone gets too close to the truth." She stood up and dropped Amy's hand. "Dammit. I had to talk to someone. And you're the only one who gets the a Parker thing."
"I still can't believe you could think that one of your oldest friends could do that. I can't believe that you'd drop that bomb on Parker and then leave him alone."
Mallory stood up, feeling a thousand years old. "These are reasons why I …
"Third, when the Cuckoos came to protect you, they left Amy alone and stung Draughn. I thought they left her alone because she was your sibling and an honorary member of the hive, but I don't think it had anything to do with her. Draughn was the murderer, and Parker thought he was in danger as well, so they swarmed to protect him, but they also attacked the person they thought was attacking one of their own. They've known all along who did it."
"I still don't know-" Parker said.
2024-03-13 08:44:27

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