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What's particularly muddy right now is
how a rising number of cattle infections are impacting farm workers,
beyond the Texas case that occurred back in March.
Veterinarians and physicians in states with dairy cattle outbreaks told The Associated Press there are multiple reports of farm workers falling sick,
but confirming cases is proving challenging for one key reason:
Many workers are reluctant to get tested.
"You have groups of individuals that…
2024-04-30 07:08:57

Assessing biological control method on the progression of anaplasmosis disease in dominant cattle species in the Matabeleland north province Zimbabwe
Meshach Ndlovu
2024-03-22 08:32:38

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2024-03-25 07:29:56

Closing the Information Gap in Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Studies
Gretchen R. Stahlman