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2023-09-07 13:51:55

lookout kid: 3 more edition-of-1 #BobDylan discs for auction, new versions of "gotta serve somebody," "simple twist of fate," & "masters of war."
2023-11-07 14:29:47

"We cannot turn away from suffering, but I can no longer watch the news coverage from Israel and Gaza | Simon Jenkins"
For once in my life I agree with Sir Jenkins. I still read journalistic news and open-source intelligence reports from Gaza, but avoid "tabloid TV" video coverage. The latter adds nothing, while fuelling "ghoulish voyeurism and simplified spectacle".
2023-11-07 10:44:00

In my version control courses I often get the question:
🤷 "Should I use GitHub or GitLab?" 🤷
If you are a researcher, I think you can answer that question for yourself by answering the following two questions:
🤝 Where is my community?: Go where your community is.
🏠 Does my institution have a GitLab instance?: If yes, it is often a good idea to at least start your project on the institutional instance. Copying to GitHub later on is done in <5 minutes.…
2023-12-05 15:11:41

2023 is the 10-yr anniversary of blowjobs being legalized in Virginia. When you're filling out a job application and it asks for your sexual orientation and you think to yourself 'can they legally ask me that?' just remember that the US legal system is an absolute farce.
2023-12-07 14:26:54

I made one of those somewhat accessible memes again.
Edit the text and adjust the font size in the `p span` selector:
Debug version:

From a screen labeled Republican Primary Debate, a man of Indian heritage wearing a blue suit and red tie wags has finger to someone off camera while holding a white legal notepad in his other hand with the following text scrawled on it: alt=“notepad”
2023-10-07 02:33:00

So, nothing like finding a couple of client crashing bugs and rushing out a release to fix them. It's been a long
2023-11-26 19:17:46

Really enjoying how building things with Kitten just feels so elegant…
Here, there’s a model class (that manages all aspects of Kitten’s version information) and you can use the `Component` getter to get a Kitten component you can add to your page to display the version information.
For a separate view, you can call the `printToConsole()` method to have it output the same information to the console.
Not revolutionary or rocket science but still, pretty neat ;)

Screenshot of code editor showing detail of src/lib/Version.js with the following code highlighted:

  get Component () {
    return this.html.bind(this)

Full code listing show follows:

    return ( > lastDay[this.month]) ? zodiac[this.month + 1] : zodiac[this.month]

  get Component () {
    return this.html.bind(this)

    HTML component to display version information.
  html () {
    const gitHashAsCSSHexColourString = `#${this.gitHash}`
    return globalThis…
Screenshot of code listing for /web/💕/settings🔒/ with the following line highlighted in a kitten.html block:

<${kitten.version.Component} />

Full code listing shown follows:

  return kitten.html`
    <page htmx alpinejs water>

      <h1>Small Web Settings</h1>

      <section id='info'>
          ## 👋🤓 Hello!

          Here you will find technical details about your Small Web place (such as your cryptographic identity) as well as configuration o…
Screenshot of page resulting from the code shown.

Relevant are follows:

🐱 Kitten

    2023/11/26 at 19:04:31 UTC (Sagittarius)
Favourite colour
    #9d7c07 (with little colour swatch showing the colour equivalent of the git hash)
API version
    Node.js 20.7.0

Full copy follows:

Small Web Settings
👋🤓 Hello!

Here you will find technical details about your Small Web place (such as your cryptographic identity) as well as configurat…
2023-10-04 15:56:45

Tweede Kamer stelt plan minimumloon bij: per 1 juli 1,2 procent omhoog en de partijen noemen dat een flinke koopkrachtverbetering. Nou ik ontving de laatste keer €939,41 (AOW, samenwonend met een jong werkend persoon) dus 1,2% is dan €11,27 in de maand. Je moet toch echt in de politiek zitten om dat een flinke verbetering te durven noemen. Wij hebben meer inkomstenbronnen hoor, maak je over mij maar geen zorgen.
2023-11-03 21:36:33

Oktober: het stookseizoen is begonnen
Het is begin november en het waait flink. Tijd om terug te kijken op onze energiekosten, energiegebruik, energieproductie en CO2-uitstoot in oktober. Klinkt saai? Valt wel mee. Tot mijn verrassing hebben we in oktober 38 kilowattuur meer elektriciteit geproduceerd dan gebruikt. Daarmee lag onze CO2-uitstoot in oktober volgens alle vijf de methoden op 0 kilogram. Energiegebruik Ons energiegebruik lag in oktober op 679 kWh, dat is…
2023-12-02 16:55:58

Startet in Wien in wenigen Minuten: El Realismo socialista; draußen derzeit das verschneite Kontrastprogramm, durch das künftige mit Benko'schen Investitionsruinen bestückte Museum des Realismo capitalista werden dann die Herren Gusenbauer&Kurz sachkundige Führungen anbieten.