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2024-02-16 04:12:21

3-person #Gaslands with a budget.
Me with ram, turreted machine gun, loose grenades (orange car). PJ got a car & motorcycle. Eric with two motorcycles and a turreted dune buggy.
Out of the gate he made a measuring error and killed one of his two motorcycles on the side of my car.
Chain reaction of collisions, explosions, gunfire behind my car, with only one of each of their moto…

An orange Matchbox car, with a ram prow and machine guns, flanked by a motorcycle and blue car on one side, two motorcycles and dune buggy on the other. They are all lined up at a starting gate of wood posts and 50 gallon drums. Everything is 3D printed in resin and painted quite well.
The orange car sits about four car lengths from the starting gate, pointed fully to the left. Between it and the starting line, one motorcycle is gone, another is being clipped by the dune buggy, the car is turning into the dune buggy, and the last motorcycle is just starting to move.
The orange car is almost at the second-last gate in this circular track, the two motorcycles just at the third gate. Not visible, because this is a game, is the turreted machine gun from the orange car continually failing to hit either motorcycle.
Back at the starting, now finishing, gate, the orange car has just come through and is now perched on a concrete barrier. The other car and dune buggy are almost at the first gate. If the playing surface and cars were real you would see lots of tire tracks representing collisions, reverses, spins, and also some shrapnel from explosions. Bit of a mess they left.
2024-03-18 14:28:17

🔊 #NowPlaying on BBCRadio2's #ScottMills
Irene Cara:
🎵 Flashdance... What a Feeling
2024-02-16 17:25:32

This is quite possibly my proudest accomplishment as a librarian to date:

With just days to go before the Ohio Republican primary election, the three-way Republican Senate primary race in Ohio has turned into a food fight, fueling concerns about former President Donald J. Trump’s favored candidate, Bernie Moreno.
The contest on Tuesday to decide who will face Senator Sherrod Brown has been contentious for months, with Mr. #Moreno, a wealthy former car dealer who has never h…
2024-03-17 00:15:51

The state is making it easier to kill homeless people on private property - also, penalties for sleeping in your car, damaging your apartment while moving out, or fleeing from police.
Kentucky Is About to Pass the Cruelest Criminal-Justice Bill in America | The Nation
2024-03-18 08:34:08

This has been replaced.
initial toot:…
2024-03-17 16:28:07

@… Nowa Nowa has an excellent very cute caravan park (with a view of this bridge) where you can stay halfway between Bairnsdale and Orbost. I did this a year ago and can highly recommend it with an e-bike (BYO or rent in town) — parked our car in Bairnsdale and arriving at Orbost car-free was a nice unusual feeling.
The best day was Day 2, excellent upgr…
2024-04-16 10:30:42

Filing: MGM sues the FTC to stop an investigation into a 2023 cyberattack and asks for Chair Lina Khan's recusal; Khan stayed at the MGM Grand in September 2023 (Sabrina Willmer/Bloomberg)
2024-03-18 15:28:21

👍 Jack Smith shreds Reagan AG Ed Meese's amicus brief's claim that Smith is an illegal prosecutor
2024-01-18 04:37:23

Exploratory Driving Performance and Car-Following Modeling for Autonomous Shuttles Based on Field Data
Renan Favero, Lily Elefteriadou