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2024-04-21 12:05:30

How some parents, seeking the ability to reach their kids at all times, have become unexpected but forceful opponents of schools' attempts to ban phones (Julie Jargon/Wall Street Journal)…

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Forgive us our trespasses: forbidden rambles with a right-to-roam campaigner
England is still owned by a relatively small number of wealthy individuals and institutions: by the law of trespass, w…
2024-05-19 21:23:31

Siguen las aventuras de este elfo errante. Hoy, "Hilos que cerrar"
2024-05-22 17:11:43

So I had a conversation with my opinionated 15yr old - sorry, forgive the tautology - where he said there wasn't any point voting because what difference does one vote make? We're quite fiercely pro-voting in our house so I'm sure this was said to be contrary, again prime 15yo territory. The argument I came up with was that you're cancelling out one vote supporting a party you disagree with - obvious to us but mebbes not to a kid who just wonders what a single vote achieves <…
2024-05-22 03:17:32

2024-05-20 19:41:06
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2024-05-21 11:50:12
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2024-05-21 14:31:53
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2024-05-21 13:59:56

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2024-05-20 22:26:17
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