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2024-05-17 18:36:21

Für alle die am Montag nicht in #Hamburg sein können, wird es einen Livestream ab 17.15 geben
2024-05-17 18:36:21

Für alle die am Montag nicht in #Hamburg sein können, wird es einen Livestream ab 17.15 geben
2024-05-16 12:16:21

Taking a day off today. It's my wife's birthday. So we're not in the office today.
New photos coming soon as well.
2024-05-09 14:33:58

Ach guck, bei der Civey-Umfrage zu Heizungen geben 8% an, mit einer Wärmepumpe zu heizen. Ölheizung haben "nur" 18,7% und die Hälfte heizt mit Gas.
2024-05-30 20:49:14

This is wonderful news. Taking housing off the speculative market is the best way to keep neighborhoods diverse and affordable. Also, Don Rafa's Cyclery is in this building, a great little bike shop I've gone to for repairs.…
2024-06-11 11:45:50

re: UKPol conservative manifesto
Detente, deescalation and peace-making is what's needed internationally. I can see a argument we need to spend on armed forces in case that doesn't work, but if so that's on well paid professional solders and weapons we can actually use not on boondoggle nukes that are only any use if we're killing everyone.
Immigrants are needed and wanted as our population bulge retires. They talk about reducing tax-burden while piling demand on demand for the working to support the pensioners, and banning other workers from coming in to help create the wealth.
The plan to build more carbon power-stations and export electricity is full on nuts. Transporting power is hard. What you gonna do, ship batteries to and from china? It's barely even worth trying to lay power-lines to France let alone the world.
I am not necessarily against building a fleet of small modular nuclear reactors. That will be expensive power, but backups are expensive and at least they can actually be exported.
You can't fix the problem of the rich owning all the housing stock and bidding up it's price just by taxing the buying houses less. That helps landlords buy up all the housing stock.
It's a good thing they are not going to win because even their rosy optimistic view of the future here is a hellscape of inequality, pollution, and oppression.
2024-06-14 15:31:15

Uncensor any #LLM with abliteration
In this article, we will explore a technique called "abliteration" that can uncensor any LLM without retraining.
2024-06-09 07:35:23

Introducing Llama3-German-8B! A #LLM specialized for 🇩🇪 German, built by DiscoResearch and Occiglot. Based on Meta's lama3-8B, it's trained on 65B high-quality German tokens.

Disco Dancing LLama
2024-06-02 10:37:38

Das Unternehmen #HuggingFace meldet einen #Cyberangriff auf seine Plattform Spaces, die zum Hosting von KI-Anwendungen genutzt wird. Ein unbefugter Zugriff auf bestimmte Spaces-Geheimnisse wurde festgestellt. Hugging Face hat Maßnahmen ergriffen, darunter das Widerrufen von Tokens und die B…
2024-05-09 06:47:56

Inferring Discussion Topics about Exploitation of Vulnerabilities from Underground Hacking Forums
Felipe Moreno-Vera