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2024-06-18 06:51:03

High-level Codes and Fine-grained Weights for Online Multi-modal Hashing Retrieval
Yu-Wei Zhan, Xiao-Ming Wu, Xin Luo, Yinwei Wei, Xin-Shun Xu
2024-04-19 08:42:32

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2024-06-16 20:00:28
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Does anyone know an #anarchist or #feminist library that could use this copy of Black Flag magazine from 2008?
It has Nick Griffin on the front page and articles about anarcha-feminism, housing, Manchester, Marxism, the Russian revolution, the credit crunch, the far ri…

Magazine contents: 
Cover story: The ballot box can't beat a BNP which exploits disillusionment with both capitalism and socialism
Page 4
Expose: What is the true extent of poverty in Manchester? Jack Ray
Page 9
Theory: Placing the credit crunch in
Page 12
Interview: Members of the London
Coalition Against Poverty talk about their
fight against homelessness
In depth: Anarchist feminism, its
forebears and future. Including an
Page 16
Black Flag is for a s…
Black Flag magazine from mid 2008, issue 227, with a large photo of Nick Griffin and the headline Right Fright
2024-06-17 07:15:42

Finite-Agent Stochastic Differential Games on Large Graphs: I. The Linear-Quadratic Case
Ruimeng Hu, Jihao Long, Haosheng Zhou
2024-05-10 12:12:01

An old picture for #BrückenTag: The Salbitbrücke in Göschenen, 🇨🇭.
I took the picture in 2017 on one of my most impressive hiking trips (including lots of via ferrata).
#Hiking #Bridge

Behind a grassy mountain side strewn with rock, a suspension bridge spans a large gorge. In the distance, snow covered mountain peaks appear under a few white clouds.
2024-06-10 18:59:18

Good evening friends! Mrs. Graf is a bit sick today, so we just did an evening walk around the village after a rainy day.
It was good to get out a bit and enjoy the late light. And well - I guess I never shared some #photos of the closer area I'm living in (like the houses), I thought I might send some.
It isn't our house btw, just a beautiful one in the village to give you an…

A picturesque scene of a house nestled among trees, with a driveway leading up to the front entrance. The house features a classic design with dormer windows and a sloping roof. The surrounding landscape is lush, with green grass and various trees providing shade. The sky above is partially covered with fluffy clouds, adding to the serene atmosphere. A wooden fence separates the property from the road, enhancing the sense of privacy and seclusion. This idyllic setting evokes a sense of peace an…
A picturesque scene of a large green field stretching out under a cloudy sky, with tall trees dotting the landscape and a gentle hill rising in the background. The vibrant green grass sways in the breeze, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The white clouds above add depth to the scene, contrasting beautifully with the lush greenery below. The rural setting exudes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, making it a perfect spot for outdoor activities or simply enjoying the peaceful su…
2024-06-14 06:49:31

Compact Parallel Hash Tables on the GPU
Steef Hegeman, Daan W\"oltgens, Anton Wijs, Alfons Laarman
2024-05-07 01:24:17

I wonder how many people who, at every turn, are breathlessly shilling/hawking corporate-owned 'AI' (a marketing term that really just means large language models or a 'souped up predictive text' service) really think they're making the world better with their efforts...
2024-06-13 09:47:03

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2024-05-11 14:16:48

Hi friends!
We are just back from a nice 53km #cycling loop with our #mtbs. Lots of asphalt but as you can see, also lots of gorgeous views and sun today.
Is there a better way to start an 11th #wedding

A picturesque scene of a road cutting through a lush green field, with a majestic tree standing tall in the foreground. The landscape is bathed in the vibrant colors of nature, with the dominant colors being various shades of green. The sky above is a clear blue, adorned with fluffy white clouds. The image exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity, capturing the beauty of the outdoors. The tree in the field is the focal point of the composition, adding a touch of natural elegance to the rural …
A man and a woman are depicted in this image, both wearing helmets while standing on a path. The man has short hair, and is wearing glasses. He is dressed in a casual outfit. The woman is wearing a pink jacket. Both individuals are smiling. They are standing on a grassy area under a clear sky. The man is wearing a white helmet and the woman is wearing a bicycle helmet. The image conveys a sense of outdoor activity, possibly cycling or riding bikes. The dominant colors in the image are white and…
A tranquil scene is captured in this image, showcasing a large grassy field stretching out in the foreground. In the background, a serene lake glistens under the sunlight, reflecting the surrounding mountains. The landscape is adorned with various shades of green, from the lush grass to the trees dotting the scenery. A clear blue sky with fluffy clouds adds to the picturesque view. The setting appears rural and idyllic, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility. This breathtaking landscape embod…