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2024-04-22 12:00:29

Join Daniele Antuzi at this year's Berlin Buzzwords to explore the architecture and implementation of a serverless MapReduce indexer designed for Apache Solr, but extendable to any search engine. Learn the principles of MapReduce, a programming model for processing large datasets, and how to adapt it for indexing documents in Apache Solr. #bbuzz

Talk - Blazing-Fast Serverless MapReduce Indexer for Apache Solr
Photograph of Daniele Antuzi
9th-11th June 2024, Kulturbrauerei & Online,
2024-04-26 08:31:33

@… I'm experimenting with slightly more recent 3.1.5 in VirtualBox … I guess, the absence of midnightbsd-desktop – from the index for mports – explains us not getting an out-of-the-box desktop environment.