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2024-05-12 22:05:19

#NowPlaying - a ground zero for so much, but why so many cowrites for kevin ayers & so few lead vocals? is it like the neil-young's-voice-was-too-weird-for-the-springfield thing or just cuz ayers was the new guy? and how many steps between "we did it again" & oneida's "sheets of easter"? @…

The Soft Machine self titled debut LP
2024-04-19 07:04:13

I asked to generate an image of “a free oboe concert in Shibuya”
[yeah, I know, but it’s been a long day. I also asked for an image of Neil Young fighting a dragon, but it refused.]

An Asian-looking musician wearing a white suit in a public place, playing an unearthly musical instrument, woodwind-ish but with a clarinet/saxophone mouthpiece and three horns.  There is a watermark saying "Imagined with AI"
2024-04-21 22:29:32

On this day in 2017, the world said goodbye to Neil Long. Many people seeing this probably won't have any idea who this is. He wanted no special mention or remembrance upon his passing, but I'm going to keep ignoring his wishes, because he was a friend, colleague, and a person who deserves to be remembered.
When I met him he was doing #infosec at Oxford University. He was involved in early various botnet and DDoS mitigation activities and maintained darknet services plus a howto page for many years. He was on the board of and was one of the founders of Team Cymru.
One of my fondest memories of him was the way he completely dismantled some poor fellow who posed some challenge or question in a very rude manner. The best part of Neil's retort, was not what he said, but how he said it. In that finely honed, proper, and understated British way, Neil ultimately dismissed him and moved on. I don't think the recipient fully understood he had been completely flattened until hours later.
2024-04-21 19:09:29

Neil deGrasse Tyson, seen here about to murder Pluto.

Neil deGrasse Tyson in front of a backdrop of the night sky, hands stretched forward as if about to strangle a person or even maybe a planet
2024-04-20 21:59:39

Mi TL de bluesky es algo así:
50% Neil Gaiman
20% staff de bluesky
20% de gente publicando noticias y notas sin contexto ni comentarios
10% otros
2024-04-21 20:20:06

I (mechanical breathing) like (mechanical breathing) your work (mechanical breathing).
- Darth Vader to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Game recognizes game.
2024-04-26 06:59:54

Swift X-Ray and UV Observations of six Gaia Binaries supposedly containing a Neutron Star
B. Sbarufatti, F. Coti Zelati, A. Marino, S. Mereghetti, N. Rea, A. Treves