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2024-04-13 20:32:01

Wait a minute... this was the day Neil was banging out the tunes... the next day... is Avril 14th??
2024-05-13 07:17:03

Concealing Backdoor Model Updates in Federated Learning by Trigger-Optimized Data Poisoning
Yujie Zhang, Neil Gong, Michael K. Reiter
2024-05-29 17:20:28

Sony takes down an interview with Naughty Dog Studio's Neil Druckmann after he posted a transcript showing that he didn't laud AI tools as Sony's edit implied (Kyle Orland/Ars Technica)
2024-05-02 22:32:17

🔊 #NowPlaying on BBCRadio3's #RoundMidnight
Neil Cowley Trio:
🎵 Slims
2024-06-05 09:42:17

🔊 #NowPlaying on fip
Neil Young:
🎵 Heart of gold
2024-05-17 12:45:32 the neil show i attended recently used axs, not ticketmaster, & there was no way to view the tickets via regular WWW site, had to be through app. probably could've called the box office for hard copy. would suggest logging on via the website & seeing if you can access your ticket.
2024-05-07 06:59:48

Gravothermal Catastrophe in Resonant Self-interacting Dark Matter Models
Vinh Tran, Daniel Gilman, Mark Vogelsberger, Xuejian Shen, Stephanie O'Neil, Xinyue Zhang
2024-05-01 07:15:33

Leak Proof CMap; a framework for training and evaluation of cell line agnostic L1000 similarity methods
Steven Shave, Richard Kasprowicz, Abdullah M. Athar, Denise Vlachou, Neil O. Carragher, Cuong Q. Nguyen
2024-04-17 07:24:05

On the Use of Relative Validity Indices for Comparing Clustering Approaches
Luke W. Yerbury, Ricardo J. G. B. Campello, G. C. Livingston Jr, Mark Goldsworthy, Lachlan O'Neil
2024-05-17 07:20:12

PRISM: A Multi-Modal Generative Foundation Model for Slide-Level Histopathology
George Shaikovski, Adam Casson, Kristen Severson, Eric Zimmermann, Yi Kan Wang, Jeremy D. Kunz, Juan A. Retamero, Gerard Oakley, David Klimstra, Christopher Kanan, Matthew Hanna, Michal Zelechowski, Julian Viret, Neil Tenenholtz, James Hall, Nicolo Fusi, Razik Yousfi, Peter Hamilton, William A. Moye, Eugene Vorontsov, Siqi Liu, Thomas J. Fuchs
2024-05-17 15:27:30

Is it a fact that Neil Gorsuch is a privatizer?
2024-05-22 07:17:01

Last-Level Cache Side-Channel Attacks Are Feasible in the Modern Public Cloud (Extended Version)
Zirui Neil Zhao, Adam Morrison, Christopher W. Fletcher, Josep Torrellas