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2024-05-15 17:20:51

Google says Wear OS 5 will consume 20% less battery life and have more useful watch face complications; the Wear OS user base grew by 40% in the last year (Victoria Song/The Verge)
2024-04-13 06:29:18

Announcing the Upcoming Deprecation of MSAL.NET for Xamarin and UWP
Announcing the deprecation of the Xamarin and UWP versions of MSAL.NET starting with MSAL.NET 4.61.0.
2024-06-01 00:03:39

Un grande versionando a otros grandes: «I Can't Explain» cover de la canción de The Who versionada por David Bowie. Una versión inédita grabada el año '72.
2024-06-10 18:40:44

Apple updates Siri, powered by Apple Intelligence: more personal, on-screen awareness, a new API for third-party apps, and more, coming "over the next year" (Benjamin Mayo/9to5Mac)
2024-04-07 04:27:57

This is literally trying to get smarter by eating shit.

Since an A.I. model can produce humanlike text, Mr. Altman
and others have argued, the systems can create additional data
to develop better versions of themselves. This would help
developers build increasingly powerful technology and reduce
their dependence on copyrighted data.
2024-04-26 03:20:44

TechInsights teardown: Huawei's Pura 70 uses a 7nm chip, similar to the Mate 60, and a Kirin 9010 processor, a newer version of the Mate 60 Pro's Kirin 9000s (Vlad Savov/Bloomberg)
2024-05-06 21:07:00

I spent ~hour yesterday fighting an issue with my C code, only to later figure out it's a possible GCC bug, because Clang accepts the same code.
The issue is that GCC does not permit a constrained type parameter in a template template parameter of an aliased template. See the simplified code with the issue.
A cursory search of GCC Bugzilla does not readily show any related bug. I'll look carefully but lemme know if this is a known bug (probably is). 🙏🏽

Syntax-highlighted C++ code in a dark scheme:

2024-05-24 19:39:35

El EP tributo a Los Jaivas. 4 canciones versionadas por Aisles, cada una con un cantante diferente.
«Obras de Los Jaivas»
🔗🎧 #Aisles
2024-03-27 13:19:56

"What’s in a Name?"
A useful reminder to put some thought into function names and such in software.
(not sure why it is in the Google *Testing* Blog, but still useful content)

2024-03-24 14:59:14

“The main reason why the phone-based childhood is so harmful is because it pushes aside everything else. Smartphones are experience blockers. Our ultimate goal should not be to remove screens entirely, nor should it be to return childhood to exactly the way it was in 1960. Rather, it should be to create a version of childhood and adolescence that keeps young people anchored in the real world while flourishing in the digital age.”