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2024-04-14 18:11:54


Empty concrete “room” with concrete walls and floor, and a rusty metal roof that’s caving in. There’s a metal duct hanging precariously from the roof, almost touching the floor. The walls are green and covered in colorful graffiti. Sun is pouring in through holes in the roof, lighting the rear wall and parts of the floor.
2024-06-09 21:08:30

Concrete | Documentary stories of veterans who survived the war and captivity | Part 1:
2024-05-14 16:31:42

It's been a while. #histodons #archives

A wide-angle shot of a gray concrete building. It has large sheet glass windows on the bottom floors and small windows above. In front is a banner that, under a Government of Canada/Gouvernement du Canada sign, reads Library and Archives Canada/Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.
2024-04-14 20:36:06

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 14: Met with @… at the #Schluchsee concrete dam. After having a drink there, he walked and I cycled slowly (5km/h) beside him half around …

Multiple cairns on a tree stump. A lake and a hill with a forest in the background.
View through a forest alongside a creek ending in a lake.
A calm creek flowing through a flat valley with fresh meadows on both side. Still a lots of brown ground visible.
A forest way with a long shadow of a cyclist on its ground.
2024-06-14 17:46:38

This garden staircase, made up of old concrete parking curbs with pea stone in between, is getting swallowed by our shade garden. The hostas on the right should be in bloom in a few weeks while the false spirea on the left will have sprays of white flowers in August.
#BloomScrolling #Gardening #Zone5a
2024-06-14 18:20:23

Block C of the Arbutus Village Mall redevelopment. Level 2 will be the neighbourhood house so this will have a wall and windows in due course. It is only relatively recent that the supports for the ceiling have been removed.

A building under constructionusing reinforced concrete

In the foreground are rhododendrons in the garden of the neighbouring building
2024-04-13 12:01:11

Had an interesting conversation about #phone habits with a teenager today. They were very cognisant of the dopamine triggering addictive designs of #socialmedia including the various short form video apps. They had taken concrete action to remove them from their phone for lent and didn't have …
2024-06-14 14:08:27

The pleasant weather we’ve had for days is now a distant memory as the forecasted “heat dome” is settles in. Too hot for mid-morning, by far. I might be back on night running soon.
The sprinklers at the end were an absolute delight. I felt like a kid, standing there, arms outstretched, as they oscillated back and forth across my body.

An angry, spiteful sun wrathfully glares over the valley, fully intent on sharing a malicious heat upon the poor inhabitants below. My running stats are along the bottom: 10.0 km distance, 7:24 per km pace, and total time of 1 hour 14 minutes.
Text displaying the humidex factor as 33°C (91°F) with a note of noticeable discomfort.
Concrete bridge supports painted to resemble building facades, with greenery in the background. No trolls visible. It’s too hot.
A grassy sports field with sprinklers activated, spraying water.
2024-04-14 13:20:17


A big concrete turtle partially submerged in a small lake with a bunch of little turtles and one seagull sitting on it. The turtles are all facing the seagull like it’s holding court.
2024-05-11 14:21:19

I'm sorry - Have I misinterpreted this? Is the US really saying it's OK to commit war crimes just as long as the weapons you use are not supplied from the US?
"The US says it is “reasonable to assess” that the weapons it has provided to Israel have been used in ways that are “inconsistent” with international human rights law, but that there is not enough concrete evidence to link specific US-supplied weapons to violations or warrant cutting the supply of arms."