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2024-06-13 19:11:45

Dear Apple. How on earth you stop UPLOADING my photos to the cloud due to insufficient space on an iPhone. How does it make sense???
2024-04-14 10:21:51

You think I’m going to apologise for opposing the genocide of the Palestinian people? Fuck you. How dare you?
2024-04-14 07:45:45

As Eeyore said, “Could be worse. Not sure how, but it could be.”
2024-06-14 15:45:44

How about that?
2024-06-14 19:27:17

Making theoretical “member exclusive” content thumbnails for internal team fixes and hoping my coworkers “subscribe to my Patreon” for fixes. 🤣
Now, to see how much this @… knowledge is worth to @…

Total Shocker! TypeScript to Static Site.
2024-04-14 14:30:21

Trying to update to Windows 11, it's remarkable how bad the upgrade software is. First time trying to create install media just fails after 35%. Works second time. Run setup on the install media, it spends 5 minutes saying "checking for updates" with absolutely no hint on what's going on. It does this update thing twice.
2024-06-14 16:12:44

O how we've fallen
But perhaps we'll soar again
2024-04-13 08:25:43

How can we transform moments of pain into moments of closeness?
2024-06-13 22:11:16

How has Marvel never put out an "Adjectiveless X-Men" oneshot?
2024-05-14 18:06:29

Someone sent me this screenshot of their twitter account and how all the interaction is nothing but bots. Musk made so much noise about solving bot problem hahahah

Twitter interactions just crypto and "women"