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2024-06-13 11:08:34

Violent protests in Argentina over sweeping economic reforms
2024-04-15 01:32:22

Real-world impact of Arizona abortion ruling begins to emerge
2024-06-13 16:42:32

Arizona's utility 'regulators'--a wholly-owned subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry--find yet another way to skirt the rules designed to protect citizens and approve even yet more new gas-fired power generation capacity in a state that, in a less corrupt world, would be 100% solar by now.
2024-04-13 15:06:24

To provoke such a conflict, all one has to do is state a technical opinion supported by part of the group as obviously the right choice while at the same time using language lightly coded to be hostile to the other faction on identity grounds. Make a technical argument and mention 'woke gender’ and you've now turned a technical argument into an anti-trans identity argument, and watch the group dissolve under infighting. The people who aren't trans or staunchly trans-supportive will be stuck trying to advocate for their technical opinion but shouted down because of the transphobia now implied by their lack of saying something about the original conflation; and since being indifferent to trans issues is a pretty safe mainstream choice for them, they’ll be supported in this, mostly by the worst people.
The trans folks and supporters will be largely unable to talk about the technical opinion they disagree with without the transphobia being addressed, the group will split, the project will die or become Yet Another One With White Guys Who Don't Particularly Care at the helm, or maybe the trans folks will bail and make something great but it’ll be divorced from any power and be yet another great technical product that few people use.
2024-05-14 13:48:16

Don't miss today's Metacurity for the most critical infosec developments you should know, including
--White House orders Chinese crypto mining company to vacate property near nuclear arsenal Air Force base
--Chinese LiDAR company accused of aiding China's military,
--Tornado Cash co-founder sentenced to five-plus years,
--An interception operation has launched thousands of automated calls to defeat MFA,
--LockBitSupp has a long history of malware development,
--Ascension admits ransomware attack,
--New GCHQ head worried about hacktivists,
--UK Tory party exposed hundreds in botched email,
--much more
2024-05-13 21:03:00

iPad Pro M4 und iPad Air M2 ausprobiert: Mit Leichtigkeit zu neuen Erfolgen?
Apple hat sein Tablet-Flaggschiff und die Mittelklasse erneuert. Wie schwer wiegt das Argument der Leichtigkeit für die Zukunft des iPads? Eine Zwischenbilanz.
2024-04-13 14:39:21

Sources: ASU adds ex-Steeler Ward as WR coach
2024-05-14 21:01:22

Rudy Giuliani still hasn't been served his Arizona indictment (Washington Post)
2024-04-14 16:03:22

These Mormon women in Arizona are losing faith in Trump's Republican Party : NPR
2024-04-13 18:53:52

Protests grow in Argentina against its right-wing leader's economic 'shock therapy' : NPR