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2024-04-14 14:16:55

I visited a a site belonging to a company in Italy today. They have no minimum order... unless you're in the UK, then they refuse to ship goods with a value less than £130.
This is irrespective of shipping costs.
2024-05-13 17:00:01

"Farmers’ union lobbied to increase pesticide limit in UK drinking water"
#UK #UnitedKingdom #Pesticides
2024-04-14 09:19:04

Les Français sur leur chemin vers le Frexit. Ils n'ont RIEN appris du Brexit. Mais les autres parties politiques ont leur contribution. Le néolibéralisme mène vers le fascisme.
2024-04-14 14:46:10

1530 join Brexit queue for @Eurostar, 90 mins before departure
2024-05-13 18:39:29

Having watched quite a lot of interviews with Brexiters and then learning about how UK literally screwed people over with privatization of their water system makes me think UK is a perfect example of Lords and Peasants. Lords abuse their people and when shit hits the fan point to some easy to point target and redirect the mass anger there.
Also, Scotland water system is public. People there pay 30% less for water. Rivers are clean. They didn’t vote Brexit.
2024-05-12 07:59:54

Entirely as predicted 🙄
2024-06-09 13:14:11

EU elections, brexit
I won't be voting in the EU elections today, because four years ago our xenophobia-crazed media-pumped electorate voted to remove ourselves from any say at all in how the union is governed and cede control of the union to Germany.
They said this would be taking control, rather than rather obviously giving up power and influence. Which I find confusing but there it is.
So no vote for me, no representation in the parliament, no influence over EU policy. So it goes.
All of those who do still have representation, try not to vote too fascist though please? Thanks.
#vote #eu #brexit
2024-04-14 09:19:04

Les Français sur leur chemin vers le Frexit. Ils n'ont RIEN appris du Brexit. Mais les autres parties politiques ont leur contribution. Le néolibéralisme mène vers le fascisme.
2024-06-12 09:55:47

I'm afraid Britain isn't the only country where this applies.
2024-06-10 12:31:37

How is Scotland faring after Brexit? | Focus on Europe - YouTube
"The handouts from Westminster are not as good as those from the EU"
With the next general election coming, there is still no majority for rejoi…
2024-06-10 06:59:34

ukpol, eupol
Nigel Farage must be completely gutted about Brexit. If the UK was still in the EU Farage would likely still be an MEP and he could now be hobnobbing around Brussels with all his Nazi-loving far right mates.
2024-04-28 23:06:09

It is quite something to see Conservative Home publishing a piece like this one, which coldly rubbishes Brexit and its proponents, showing there was never any evidence that it could benefit Britain.
h/t @…

Brussels proposes return to pre-Brexit mobility for UK and EU young people
The European Commission has proposed opening negotiations with the UK to allow mobility enjoyed before Brexit to millions of 18- to 30-year-olds in a major concession.
It said it would now seek approval from individual EU leaders to start the talks,
which could partly eliminate one of the most controversial elements of Brexit, a block on the right to live in one another’s countries, albeit for a limi…
2024-06-05 13:29:26
2024-05-08 17:54:18

Aber die Brexit-Benefits! Klärwerke können jetzt direkt durch die Flüsse in die Nordsee entsorgen. Champagner endlich wieder in pint-sized flaschen. Das Verbot auf demos geräusche zu machen. Das Turing-Austausch-Programm. Die eigene Satelliten-Navigation. Deutsche Professorinnen mit Führerscheinklassw 3 können jetzt in england als lkw-fahrer…
2024-06-09 11:01:57

They redrew the electoral boundaries for my bit of Northern Ireland, which impacts the forthcoming election for us.
Pro: this time, we probably won't end up in a district that votes for a Sinn Fein MP who won't repesent me in parliament in any way.
Con: the old district we're now lumped in with was strongly Unionist, voted in a DUP candidate, and was one of the 7 constituencies (a minority) in NI that voted for Brexit.
Let's hope the redrawn map fixes this s…
2024-05-27 12:59:06

The seaside advertisements had to be adapted for post-#brexit UK. 💩
2024-05-08 12:33:25

When you’ve even lost the New Statesman: The Tories’ death spiral - Rishi Sunak has failed to provide his party with the coherent leadership it needs.
2024-05-26 15:37:49

Farewell, Michael Gove: from Brexit to levelling up, you sowed the seeds for this Conservative crisis
2024-05-22 17:36:01

I’d register to vote but I am sure it will be another farcical shitshow where they send me all the voting paper work without the actual vote form like they did with Brexit vote.
Otoh maybe the 1.5 million foreign resident votes they denied the chance to vote in Brexit vote would step up and punish them.
However it is of course a race to the bottom and there are no good choices in UK politics. Literally anything that happens will be worse than it is now.
2024-05-09 11:46:38

tja, ohne #Brexit hätte ich vl. schon lange ein #PlanetX #Tempest #Titan
2024-05-08 15:12:54

The European Social Survey carries 6 questions on immigration every wave, 3 on willingness to accept immigrants, 3 on immigration's effect on the country.
Some UK pol scientists don't like to consider the RW UK press as a significant factor in political attitudes.
Before Brexit, the RW press demonised immigration. After, they relaxed.
These are the mean values on the 6 vars for the UK. Wave 8 fieldwork started Oct 2016, not long after the referendum.

Line chart with lines for the six variables. Mostly flat or rising up to wave 7, diving afterwards. Low values mean pro-immigration.
2024-05-08 17:37:38

Meta hat 2016 den Brexit ermöglicht (micro-targeting, cambridge analytica) und jetzt nach acht jahren soll das auf einmal falsch sein? Ist die politik da nicht etwas voreilig?
2024-06-04 16:08:58
2024-06-07 19:33:40

re: UKPol BBC election debate show
Questioner wonders why election campaigns are full of promises but governments never get anything done.
Conservatives would have loved to do things except for the pandemic got in the way!? They don't mention that they did in fact do a thing, because the thing was terrible: brexit.
Reform says it's coz the Lab and Con are too similar, and we need a new electoral system with PR (and I agree with him for once!)
Labour reckon they will keep their promises, because they've barely made any promises and all their plans are cheap.
Conservatives keep banging on about their made-up number that Labour will tax each family 2000 more. That is a lie, and anyway the same methods say Conservatives will cost 3000 more.
Greens want diversity in the commons. Lab and Con are barely a cigarette paper apart. Interrupted before a mention of PR but they do want it.
Scots list the things they have delivered: Cheaper homes, public water. And they say the Con/Lab are in fact being honest, and are thus offering crap all.
Cymru think it's about integrity, but also admits he's a journalist who also aren't really know for integrity. He's against corruption.
Libs, the very party of broken promises, just directs attention towards conservative broken pledges. Someone taunts them about breaking promises to students about fees.
Here is where I get to agree with Nigel. Corruption comes from the electron system.
#ukpol #election #debate
2024-05-26 15:37:49

Farewell, Michael Gove: from Brexit to levelling up, you sowed the seeds for this Conservative crisis

In 2019, when Britain’s Labour Party pledged to review the country’s legacy of colonialism, Nigel Farage, then the leader of the Brexit Party (now Reform UK), warned Britons against obsessing “about the past.”
“It was a different world, a different time,” he said.
Months later, as Black Lives Matter protests swept across the Atlantic and amid calls for a reevaluation of revered historical figures with records of racism,
then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson echoed this view. <…
2024-05-30 02:50:11

"Sunak rejects Farage’s offer of electoral deal with Reform party
Brexit campaigner suggested he and prime minister should ‘have a conversation’ after favours he had done Tories over the years"
Sod off #Farage you useless wanker!
2024-04-28 19:17:15
Content warning: My racist parents

FFS, my mother just shared a Facebook meme from a page called "Brexit Muppet".
It was "just" one of those "things were tough in 1950 but we had respect and were NEVER bored!" nonsenses, but now I know she follows that page.
I don't know why I'm surprised given she votes BNP.
2024-04-22 19:49:59

`-bash: sexit: command not found`
It's like brexit, but much much sexier.
2024-04-24 11:35:28

Bizarre herbicide regulations in the EU, UK and US mean that a largely safe weedkiller can't be sold but carcinogenic, systemic glyphosate can.
Where's my Brexit dividend?
Ammonium Sulphamate Weed Killer Banned! - Allotment Garden Diary
2024-05-03 08:16:01

2024-05-09 11:46:38

tja, ohne #Brexit hätte ich vl. schon lange ein #PlanetX #Tempest #Titan
2024-04-21 23:06:24

Nick Clegg, who could have insisted on PR instead of FPTP, but instead enabled Cameron to be an awful PM who caused Brexit, is now talking nonsence about AI
2024-06-18 21:51:35

Legitimate question from a poor person...
In this scenario, how does the No Tax CEO pay back that loan? Selling stock?
2024-06-17 07:31:28

Farage says that the UK is fourth in size in exports. This is true if you use goods and services.
Services are growing as the proportion of Exports and growing in value, Trade is shrinking both in value and proportion since leaving the EU.
Services aren't controlled, Trade generally is, especially between ourselves and the EU.
2024-05-30 15:44:58

It is surprising and scary how often and easily an election turns out as a turkey's vote for Christmas.
French PM says voters for far right may end up like Britons ‘who cry over Brexit’
2024-06-07 19:22:49

re: UKPol BBC election debate show
Questioner can barely afford to live and wonders what anyone would do to change anything.
Labour think the main thing is the government must not spend too much but should create a new energy company that employs some people.
Conservatives are appalled that the government (them) has let things get this bad for people and the only way to address the cost of living is tax-cuts.
Because that's worked so well for them over the last decade and a half. They hated having to put up taxes.
Greens point out there isn't a cost-of-living crisis, there's an inequality crisis. We can have investment in a green economy to get reductions in the cost of living. They offer a 15 quid minimum wage, and to remove the child-benfit cap to release kids from poverty.
Reform think the cost of living is mostly taxes, despite the fact really poor people hardly pay any taxes, and that it's migrants and the lazy unemployed of course. So they'd cut taxes and migrants.
The scots mention that Brexit has cost everyone a fortune and blasted the economy to bits. They want to seek to rejoin the single market. They chastise Labour for the conspiracy of silence on Brexit and that the Libs were in the government that caused brexit.
The libs want more windfall taxes on oil to help out.
#ukpol #election #debate #costOfLiving
2024-04-30 19:49:05

My last few years on Twitter were very marked by being exposed to evidence of Brexit idiocy, day after day, year after year. I really don't miss that here, even though the UK isn't actually in a better place.
OTOH, here half of what I'm exposed to is about the US Presidential Election (2-years on, 2-years off) and Trumps trials.
Read a book, Brendan!
2024-04-19 19:01:35

They weren't talking to you, Rishiboy.
I know Labour have rejected it out of brexiteer fear but it's on the table.
Sunak rejects offer of youth mobility scheme between EU and UK | Brexit | The Guardian
2024-06-02 15:35:03

"Oxford City Council said the European Union flag required planning consent following post-Brexit legislation.
Ms Bearder said she has now told the authority she is flying the flag of the Council of Europe, which is identical and does not require consent."
She's got a spine!
2024-06-02 15:35:03

"Oxford City Council said the European Union flag required planning consent following post-Brexit legislation.
Ms Bearder said she has now told the authority she is flying the flag of the Council of Europe, which is identical and does not require consent."
She's got a spine!
2024-06-12 17:30:40

#UKPol #Green #manifesto #election
Couldn't watch the launch, stupid jobs.
The gist seem to be tax the rich to invest in the country.
Hurray. Finally.
* Wealth taxes
The rich will finally have to sell some assets to pay their taxes. Anyone with ore than 10 million quid.
Wealth taxes are hard to implement, but you will never fix inequality with just an income tax and you can't fix asset-price inflation and so house-prices without fixing inequality.
They wanna raise a full 50 billion a year extra and then spend it on investment:
* Insulate homes
Insulate Britain would get their way! Hurray! Cheaper energy bills for everyone.
* Build homes.
Everyone's promising this. The green-party number is similar to the Conservatives number but the Greens will do it without lowering building standards to make it cheaper. They'll probably build good insulated ones one assumes.
* CEO/lowest-wage ratio set to 10:1
Currently CEOs earn about 200 times the average wage of their workers. They are worth, they think, ten classrooms full of other workers.
Maybe it'll encourage the CEO to actually give pay-rises?
* Scrap tuition fees & Ofsted
Education should be free.
* Personal Social Care free like the NHS.
No more Granny selling her house to be put into a home I guess?
* 15 quid minimum wage
Pay the workers what it costs to live damnit.
* More Rights to Roam
We will walk these green and pleasant lands even if the farmers don't like it.
* Stop All new Fossil Fuels
This is in fact needed, because "net zero" is bullshit, but not for the reasons Farage or Galloway say, but because carbon-capture is basically impossible. The "net" part is bullshit, it's gotta be actually zero
* Phase out nuclear energy
As is traditional, all parties must have at least one terrible policy which would lead to terrible results. The Green one is phasing out the only non-carbon energy source which is reliable and works all night and day every day.
* Wind power to 70% of all power.
Good, but the wind don't always blow, where are the nukes to back it up eh?
* Decriminalize possession of all drugs.
The drug war was always a counter-productive fraud, it's expensive, ineffective, encourages a police state, and doesn't even really stop anyone taking things. It's stupid, axe it.
Ought to make supply legal and licensed really too but they ain't promising that.
* Support Ukraine and Palestine against the aggressive countries attacking them.
War is bad.
* "No use first" on nukes.
Oh, surprising, they aren't promising to scrap trident.
* Brexit - Rejoin "when the conditions are right"
Well, not making as big a thing of it as the Libs, but it's there.
The Greens are clearly the sanest of the parties with the most progressive policies that would actually help people and help prevent climate change.
So of course the media tell everyone that they're crazy and the political system fixes it so they can't possibly win.
#UKPol #Green #manifesto #election
2024-06-10 17:40:44

UKPol Lib Dem Manifesto
If someone gave me loads and loads of money to run an election campaign I'm not sure I'd have any better ideas than Ed Davey seems to have had.
Not gonna win, might as well just go to theme-parks and water-sporting and play tennis.
Quite like it. Makes him seem more care-free and normal than standing in a factory or wherever.
The actual manifesto isn't terrible.
They wanna deal with asylum not by shipping people abroad, but in the sensible way of just funding the processing of asylum seekers.
On climate: Citizens assemblies like Just Stop Oil are asking for, ten years to insulate the housing stock, investment in renewables.
Unlike the big two, they actually say they wanna make the NHS more national and less private. NHS dentistry again.
Build 400,000 houses a year, more busses, more electric trains, maintenance grants for students.
And of course Proportional Representation.
But on the other hand, last time they had a sniff of power they became conservative bootlickers, fucked the students, privatized chunks of the NHS, and helped push forward the Brexit referendum.
Suppose they're mostly different people to that now? But how much can you trust 'em?
If the Greens didn't exist I'd likely end up on Lib-Dem.
#ukpol #libDem #Manifesto #election
2024-04-28 07:24:29

#Sunak: rise in asylum seekers in Ireland proves #Rwanda plan ‘having impact’
#Brexit and later the #Protocol, they are missing that this issue *encourages* a harder border between #Ireland and Great Britain, and grows support for unification by implying the current NI model doesn't work.
#Unionists are the new #SinnFein
#UI #Think32 #PUL #northernireland
2024-05-28 13:00:00

"UK importing more bricks than ever and carbon cost is rising, study reveals"
#UK #UnitedKingdom #Housing #Climate
2024-06-04 21:07:16

re: #ukpol #tv #debate
And most notable in their complete agreement of course is the complete agreement between candidates and the host that nobody should mention the biggest political event the country has suffered this century: Brexit.
The topic that shall not be spoken.
Fuck these guys.
#brexit #election #tv #debate
2024-04-19 11:03:26

re: #ukpol #sicknote
👩‍⚕️: This patient is too sick to work, working may worsen their condition, they should be off sick.
😡: No.
👩‍⚕️: What?
😡: No. You're lying. The patient is just a bit sad. They're perfectly fine to work.
👩‍⚕️: But, all my medical expertise and training...
😡: No. You're a woke liar. Hey, Craptia.
🕴️: Yes?
😡: Is this person well enough to work?
🕴️: Ahem.
😡: Oh, sorry, of course. Here's thousands of pounds given to you so that you will deny claims. Are they fit for work.
🕴️: [Counting money, barely looks up], Oh, sure, they'll be fine. Couple of Apsrin. Call me in the morning if their head doesn't reattach.
👩‍⚕️: I don't think this is....
😡: Shut up you, fuck off to Australia. We don't need no woke medical staff here. Have a pay cut. After Brexit there's no drugs left to prescribe anyway.
👩‍⚕️: [Packs bags, goes to a country that appreciates medical expertise]