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2024-05-02 01:30:38

A coalition of collegiate and professional press freedom groups urges campus administrators to respect the rights of student journalists covering protests (College Media Association)
2024-06-11 07:00:29

Relativistic and wide-angle corrections to galaxy power spectra
Sheean Jolicoeur, S\^ecloka L. Guedezounme, Roy Maartens, Pritha Paul, Chris Clarkson, Stefano Camera
arXiv:2406.06274v1 Announce Type: new
Abstract: Galaxy surveys contain information on the largest scales via wide-angle and relativistic contributions. By combining two different galaxy populations, we can suppress the strong cosmic variance on ultra-large scales and thus enhance the detectability of the signals. The relativistic Doppler and Sachs-Wolfe effects are of a similar magnitude to the leading wide-angle corrections, so that it is important to treat them together, especially since they can partially cancel. The power spectra depend on the choice of line of sight for each galaxy pair and we present results for a general line of sight. Then we estimate the detection significance of the auto- and cross-power spectra for a variety of cases. We use two futuristic galaxy samples based on a `beyond-DESI' survey and a SKA Phase 2 survey, covering 15,000\,deg$^2$ up to $z=1$. We find a detection significance for the total relativistic wide-angle effects that ranges from $\sim 5\sigma$ to $>15\sigma$, depending on the line-of-sight configuration.
2024-06-07 20:45:21

Well, it was a lame phishing attempt email that I got called in about, pretty transparent really, but it had two interesting features:
1. it faked a #CPanel alert using valid admin email and target url for that alert, covering their not-even-similar trap addresses
2. it was an international collaboration, the email from Mexico and the trap hosted in Brazil!
So I give them points for working together. Maybe there is hope for humanity after all.
2024-06-03 08:40:10

This has been replaced.
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2024-04-26 08:43:52

This has been replaced.
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