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2024-04-19 13:52:03

Before you head out for the weekend, don't miss today's Metacurity for the most important infosec developments you should know, including
--FBI's Wray ramps up rhetoric on Chinese hackers, says they're poised to deal a 'devastating blow'
--Frontier Communications forced to shut down some systems following cyberattack,
--Akira gang has earned $42M,
--Jury finds Mango Markets exploiter guilty,
--Hacker claims theft from financial crime database,
--LastPass users targeted by CryptoChameleon,
--FIN7 targeted US carmaker,
--Ransomware attack threatens US and European blood supply,
--Cybersec pros ask Congress to solve NVD problems,
--much more
2024-04-19 07:30:04

E-Vote Your Conscience: Perceptions of Coercion and Vote Buying, and the Usability of Fake Credentials in Online Voting
Louis-Henri Merino, Alaleh Azhir, Haoqian Zhang, Simone Colombo, Bernhard Tellenbach, Vero Estrada-Gali\~nanes, Bryan Ford
2024-06-19 01:06:28

Commanders agree to $1.3 million settlement following Virginia season ticket deposit investigation
2024-05-16 22:42:38

"Urban Alchemy director Lena Miller said the low number of referrals reflect the challenges of getting unsheltered people, many of whom use drugs and suffer from mental illness, to agree to shelter and treatment.
"The team also faces another challenge: when an unhoused person says they’re willing to move indoors, there’s sometimes nowhere to put them because there aren’t enough shelter beds."
They always give a fake reason before the real reason 🙄
2024-06-19 01:06:28

Commanders agree to $1.3 million settlement following Virginia season ticket deposit investigation
2024-05-18 08:12:02

A great Saturday morning read from #CoryDoctorow:
I don't fully agree with the "it's all snake oil&…
2024-06-14 16:29:14

The initial estimate (2 years ago) for keeping California's Diablo Canyon nuclear plant operating was $5.2bn. Now PG&E says it's $8.3bn. And a former state energy commissioner says it's now more like $10 - $11.8bn and "you're pouring your money down a rat hole."
Nuclear costs doubling in two years. And this is my shocked face 😑 (See @…
2024-06-07 19:33:40

re: UKPol BBC election debate show
Questioner wonders why election campaigns are full of promises but governments never get anything done.
Conservatives would have loved to do things except for the pandemic got in the way!? They don't mention that they did in fact do a thing, because the thing was terrible: brexit.
Reform says it's coz the Lab and Con are too similar, and we need a new electoral system with PR (and I agree with him for once!)
Labour reckon they will keep their promises, because they've barely made any promises and all their plans are cheap.
Conservatives keep banging on about their made-up number that Labour will tax each family 2000 more. That is a lie, and anyway the same methods say Conservatives will cost 3000 more.
Greens want diversity in the commons. Lab and Con are barely a cigarette paper apart. Interrupted before a mention of PR but they do want it.
Scots list the things they have delivered: Cheaper homes, public water. And they say the Con/Lab are in fact being honest, and are thus offering crap all.
Cymru think it's about integrity, but also admits he's a journalist who also aren't really know for integrity. He's against corruption.
Libs, the very party of broken promises, just directs attention towards conservative broken pledges. Someone taunts them about breaking promises to students about fees.
Here is where I get to agree with Nigel. Corruption comes from the electron system.
#ukpol #election #debate
2024-06-14 14:06:27

i am now more scared of #NewYork's governor & #nyc's mayor than i ever was of being attacked on the #subway by a terrorist, mugger, or anybody else. a (potential) mask ban on the subway, WHAT THE FUCK IS …
2024-06-07 20:10:26

re: UKPol BBC election debate show
The depressing thing is that what we have here a fairly wide range of ideas.
Quite a lot of the country realize that crime is solved by caring not a truncheon, that investing in a green economy can cause an economic transformation, that threatening to destroy cities full of innocent people is insane and wrong, that government should be local, that not everything is best run by corrupt businesses skimming profit, that migration can enrich a country financially and culturally.
But none of those voices will make it into the house because of the utterly broken electoral and media systems.
The two parties that can win disagree with everything I mentioned there, and can't do otherwise because of the dynamics of their coalitions.
Even if they do agree with any of that, they have to lie and pretend in order to get the positions they want.
That's what's broken, and switching to Labour for the next half-decade will be a relief, but it won't fix it.
Nigel Farage was right. The corruption is from the electoral system, and nothing can be fixed until we have a more proportional representative government.
That is literally the only thing he was right about though.
#ukpol #election #debate