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2024-05-17 16:00:47

Ich suche mir jetzt seit einer Stunde einen Wolf. Es gibt einen Anbieter, bei dem ich relativ schnell mir einen Server zum Testen von ca. 50 verschiedenen Anwendungen aus Images zusammenklicken kann. Es gibt eine große Auswahl von A - Z inkl. Mattermost, moodle, matrix etc.
Ich finde es nicht (und schäme mich ein bißchen dafür) #followerpower
2024-05-06 13:37:38

Ideogram Cats!
I read over the weekend that is now the top AI image Bot in the world, placing Midjourney in the #3 spot behind an updated ...
I was surprised to see I already had an Ideogram account created 7 months ago. I guess my "Cat Riding a Motorcycle" test prompt is a little better today, but still not really on the same level as Midjourney.

Ideogram Cat riding a motorcycle with a helmet atop its head.
Black leather jacket Ideogram Cat riding a motorcycle.
Training wheels Ideogram Cat riding a motorcycle.
This is how Ideogram creates an image of a "Cat Riding a Motorcycle." Huh? It's a man, baby!
2024-06-18 07:26:22

Energy efficiency: a Lattice Boltzmann study
Matteo Turisini, Giorgio Amati, Andrea Acquaviva
2024-06-11 07:19:50

The $F$-pure threshold and squarefree initial ideal as invariants of linkage
Vaibhav Pandey
2024-05-27 12:15:13

The transcript from a February hearing in one of those EDVA #ScheduleA cases is now out.
The judge clearly has some concerns: "while, certainly, the courts are here to facilitate the voluntary resolution of matters through settlements and licenses, it is not appropriate to abuse the court's process by creating and pursuing litigation in which people don't have a fair opport…

I will say that the Court
doesn't need to weigh in on anything else, having granted the
motion, but I would note that the allegations that are made by
the defendant regarding the litigation as a whole are really
quite serious, and Plaintiff's counsel needs to think very
carefully about how it's going to proceed here. I'm not going
to give an advisory opinion. The matter hasn't been fully
briefed, but, Mr. Zito, you're correct that Mr. Reilly is well
respected, and it doesn't surprise me at all …
THE COURT: Well, there may come a time when these
issues are addressed by the Court, and if they are addressed in
a way in which there are allegations in which there was bad
faith or a violation of Rule 11, well, the Court will have to
confront that when it's before the Court.
The nature of these allegations is that these are very
small companies, this is very complicated litigation, and while, certainly, the courts are here to facilitate the
voluntary resolution of matters through settlements …
2024-05-15 06:50:13

How to Surprisingly Consider Recommendations? A Knowledge-Graph-based Approach Relying on Complex Network Metrics
Oliver Baumann, Durgesh Nandini, Anderson Rossanez, Mirco Schoenfeld, Julio Cesar dos Reis
2024-06-18 09:39:44

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2024-04-30 08:45:25

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