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2024-06-14 01:12:30

Alex Jones dropped from Tucker Carlson conspiracy festival - National Zero
2024-06-14 02:08:43

2024-06-14 12:47:41

Gestern hat @… noch den Artikel über den Bürgerentscheid zum #NationalparkEgge geteilt
2024-06-14 01:13:33

Not all Powerpoint slides are the same - National Zero
2024-05-13 05:31:37

NYPD senior officer maces self during Gaza protest - National Zero
2024-06-14 19:17:01

Justice Dept won't prosecute Garland, says refusal to turn over Biden interview tapes “did not constitute a crime” - National Zero
2024-05-13 05:29:10

A Shameful Tradition: Republicans Erect New Hurdles To Voting - National Memo
2024-05-13 05:28:18

Senate May Investigate Trump's Solicitation Of Billion-Dollar Oil Bribe - National Memo
2024-06-13 06:02:22

I was thinking that same thing the first time I saw this :D
Drunk elementary school teacher won't face charges because a class of second graders would drive anyone to drink - National Zero
2024-06-14 19:19:04

"Tennessee MAGA Congressman Andy Ogles, no stranger himself to being a complete piece of shit, claiming he's going to be introducing a bill to mandate that Joe Biden be tested for drugs to enhance his "cognitivity"
"Cognitivity" is not a word, but go on - National Zero